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Synth History: YC25D with Lutz Krajenski

Great video. Great player. Classic instrument.

German organist and pianist Lutz Krajenski is a great player. He has worked with artists like Randy Crawford, Carla Bley, Till Brönner, Roger Cicero and Tom Jones and recently released his own solo record, “Orbit”.

In the video below Lutz explores the YC25D combo organ. Released in 1972, the YC25D is a two manual organ, each with 49 keys. The bottom keyboard is divided into 30 treble and 19 bass notes with the bass notes reversed in color. There are a total of 28 levers that change the sound and timbre of the instrument, and the YC25D could be fitted with bass pedals. Lutz plays a mint condition YC25D with bass pedals in the video. In the hands (and feet!) of a great player the YC25D truly shines. Check it out!

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