YC SynthTips: Controlling Rotary Speaker Speed with a Sustain Pedal

Use an FC3A, FC4A or FC5 for rotary speaker speed control

YC SynthTips: Adding Expression with the FC7 Foot Controller

The FC7 Foot Controller is a must have for your YC Series Stage Keyboard

YC SynthTips: Fast Access to Effects and Settings

The YC Series one-to-one user interface is awesome!

YC SynthTips: How to Swap the Order of Keys Section Effects 1&2

A handy shortcut for rerouting effects

Michael Patrick Signature Artist Sounds

Expressive and musical sounds for MONTAGE and MODX!

YC SynthTips: Assign a MIDI Demo to a Live Set

A cool feature in the Soundmondo iOS app.

Music Production Guide, December 2021

A cool interview and new sounds from Easy Sounds!

YC SynthTips: Copy and Swap Live Set Sounds

Use the handy Live Set Manager for efficient organization.

YC SynthTips: Name Your Live Set Sounds

Check out these shortcuts!

Blake's Take: Level Up Your Drums 4 - Multitrack Recording to the DAW

Divide Drum Track and Multitrack Audio Recording to a DAW.

CP SynthTips: Copy Live Set Sections

Copy and paste between Live Set Sections.

CP SynthTips: Adjust Touch Sensitivity for a Section

Customize Touch Sensitivity to your playing style.

CP SynthTips: Manage and Organize Live Sets

Copy and Swap Your Live Sets.

CP SynthTips: Quick Access to Settings

The one-to-one interface makes it easy.

CP SynthTips: Unassign Sustain from a Section

Remove sustain pedal control from a section.

CP SynthTips: Load and Save Live Sets to a USB Drive

All the options for saving and loading your sounds.

CP SynthTips: Edit Recall

A handy feature when editing Live Sets.

CP SynthTips: Using Transpose

Transpose on the fly or save in a Live Set.

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