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Mastering YC: Effects

An overview of YC61 effects and creative ways to use them

Tech Talk Live: MONTAGE/MODX Effects for Synthesis

We'll look at unique effects for synthesis on the next edition of Tech Talk Live

Tech Talk: MONTAGE/MODX Effects for Playing Live

On these Tech Talks we looked at different ways to use effects during live performance in German, English and Spanish!

FM 101 Article Series

FM Synthesis: What's the history behind it, how does it work - and how to make it work for you.

SynthBits: FM Synthesis Video by madFame

Check out this great video from madFame!

YC61: Review Roundup

You know we're YC fans, but check out what the reviews say. 

FM 101, Part Five: Expanding Your Sound

Howard Massey's FM 101 series continues with more excellent FM programming tips using multiple operators.

FM 101, Part Six: Complex Systems

Howard Massey's FM 101 series concludes with a look at parallel modulators, parallel carriers and modulator cascades.

Tech Talk: MONTAGE/MODX Effects Overview

Our first look at the effects in MONTAGE and MODX in new series on the onboard effects. 

Behind the Synth: Will Wells Chat

In this episode, Blake and Nate chat with Yamaha artist, Will Wells.

Tech Talk: Introducing CP73/88 OS v1.4

Check out the Tech Talk Replays on CP OS v1.4 in five languages!

Introducing CP OS v1.4 for CP88 and CP73

New character-rich pianos, pads, strings, synths and more!

SynthBits: Martin Kropa Krystof CP73 Performances

Check out the videos from Czech Keyboardist and Sound Designer Martin Kropa Kryštof.

Tech Talk: CP73/88 DAW and IOS Connectivity

An Overview of CP73/88 DAW and iOS connectivity

Tech Talk: CP/MODX MIDI Connectivity

MIDI Connectivity with CP73/88 and MODX.

SynthBits: SonicState YC61 Sound Demo

Check out this sounds-only demo of the YC61 from Sonicstate. 

FM 101, Part Four: Going from Static to Dynamic

Part Four of FM 101 explores how sounds change over time.

SynthBits: Soundmondo Overview with Dom Sigalas

Dom Sigalas demonstrates Soundmondo, the free social sound sharing site for Yamaha Synthesizers.

FM 101, Part Three: The Magic of Modulation

Part Three of the FM 101 series is positively magical!

Mastering YC: Menus vs Settings

Understanding Menus and Settings will help you configure the YC61 for your needs.

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