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  1. Jason
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  3. Sunday, 08 July 2018
I just got bit by the spam filter. This is the first time, so probably this is a new thing.

Probably the flag for the spam filter was an edit to a recent post. I'm guessing. The reason I wanted to edit my post was because I read the post and noticed one of those emoji smiley faces was entered due to the character combination of double-quote ( " ) plus closed parenthesis " ) ". I had previously asked to remove this character combination as an emoji creator because it doesn't fit any of the 6 emojis in the text editor -- happy = : + D, smile = : + ), Surprised = : + o, Tongue = : + p, Unhappy = : + (, Wink = ; + ) .

Articles/blogs on the Yamaha site have this character combination (double-quote then closed parenthesis) - it turns up a lot. So when you quote/add content from the blogs - automatically the system will place a face instead of the intended text.

And now when I try to "clean up" my message after seeing the unwanted emoji - I get:

"Sorry, but the system detected your content as spam"

... at least this last attempt to edit.

EDIT: I was able to finally clean up the emoji as long as I made more than the one character edit (add a space). I added 3 dots ("..." ) to the end of the message and then the system accepted my change. So add some dots if you get bit by the filter.

While I'm at it - I noticed that the top bar no longer has the Forum, Category, etc. options anymore even if my window is stretched wide. Instead there is only the hamburger menu. That's probably OK - but there is no longer a "Login" button there anymore either. There is no longer, in my browsers (Chrome, Opera), a convenient way to login. What I have to do is find the screen where I can add a message - and this will prompt me for my login credentials using a different method without a popup window. This is a workaround. I wasn't going to create an entire message just for this one because I was imagining this would settle down as the site is in transition "again".
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Amy Nedoss Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thanks so much for your feedback! It's always disappointing that there's a need for spam prevention in the first place, and especially that it's causing for a less-than-stellar experience for you.

We're using a leading third-party spam prevention service, and we'll look into options to see if we may be able to relax some of the false positives, however it may be really limited on what we're able to do with this.

Amy - Community Coordinator
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Jason Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Understood. My primary reason to edit in a manner that trips the spam filter are unintended emojis as outlined. I'm still lobbying to take that one combination.
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