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  1. Michael Trigoboff
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  3. Wednesday, 11 July 2018
I just posted a python app I wrote under the title of “Live Search Overview App.“ I kept editing the post as I realized this or that helpful detail I had forgotten to include. But all of a sudden, this forum is telling me that my post has been “identified as spam.”

So now I don’t know if anyone but me can see the post, and I can’t edit it any more. Can someone around here with privileges fix this? It’s pretty disconcerting to have an attempt to help everybody get interfered with by some dumb anti-spam algorithm.
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Jason Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
The spam filter doesn't delete your message - it just denies your edit from being saved. It doesn't clear out your edits - so it's not so bad (you can tell you need to edit something to pass the spam filter). See post for suggested work-around:

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