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  1. Drew
  2. Montage
  3. Tuesday, 12 June 2018
Love the piano sounds on Montage but having a problem figuring out how to adjust the velocity sensitivity for a semi weighted Montage. I'm guessing it is set for a fully weighted Montage.
Any input would be most appreciated.
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First, not sure what your firmware level is - but earlier versions of the firmware have a different response than later versions. At some point, Yamaha recognized that the Montage 8 had an acceptable response to velocity setting changes while the Montage 6 and 7 had some issues. This was "fixed" (difficult to say something so subjective can be fixed -- at any rate, it's been adjusted differently -- likely for the better).

Assuming you have the latest firmware:

1) Press [UTILITY]
2) Choose menu on Touchscreen (TS): "Settings" -> "Sound"
3) The "keyboard" section of the TS has a velocity curve you can change. Normal, Hard, Soft, Wide, and Fixed. You probably don't want fixed - but try these others on for size. NOTE: this setting changes the velocity response for every Performance loaded. It's a "global" (system-wide) setting. If all the Presets "fall in line" and respond to your liking after making this change, then stop here. Then go back and adjust your user Performances if they need to be altered to change the response (in the Performance settings).

As alluded to, each Performance has its own way to manage the velocity response. You can alter this by selecting the PARTs one-by-one for [EDIT] and change the velocity depth, offset, etc.

Not to reinvent the wheel here:

Forum post:

Note that the above were the first few links that came up when I used a popular search engine and typed "site:yamahasynth.com montage velocity"
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