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  1. Chris
  2. CP4/40
  3. Tuesday, 10 July 2018
Hi all,

What’s the easiest/quickest way to set up a group of frequently used voices on the CP4 stage piano?

Are there user banks I can program? Or is there a favorites bank?

I own an S90XS but am not familiar with the CP4.

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Ron Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
You have 128 program slots you can use to create your own performances. I too wish there was a way to set up a set list or favorites list. That would be very helpful.

Hope this helps!
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Bad Mister Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hi all,

What’s the easiest/quickest way to set up a group of frequently used voices on the CP4 stage piano?

Are there user banks I can program? Or is there a favorites bank?

I own an S90XS but am not familiar with the CP4.


Hi Chris,
There are 433 Voices in the CP4 Stage. You use these Voices by placing (only) your favorites into programs called “Performances”. There are 128 Performances. From the Factory, Yamaha gives you 128 “placeholder” Performances as examples of what types of things you can do. (If Yamaha left these blank, then you wouldn’t have these to build on... and that’s the idea!) build your own custom Performance that fit your music needs.

In the Voice ROM of the CP4 Stage you are given 15 complete Waveform sets of a 9’ CFX Conservatory Grand, a 9’ CFIIIS, and an 6’9” S6 Yamaha Acoustic Pianos.... Factory Performances use each in various combinations with Strings, pads, split with basses, layered with electric pianos, etc. overtime you may gravitate toward one of the pianos (they each have a very distinct character) over the others. You may even opt to construct your own - you are given the tools to do so (see some of the articles here on YamahaSynth).

Please do not hold the Factory Performances in any kind of ”I’ll never erase the Factory Performances...” reverence... you are meant to edit these, change these, remove these by overwriting them with what your music experience needs. Yamaha could not possibly have guessed right about exactly where (what Note) you wanted to split the acoustic piano and the bass... you are meant to customize each and every Performance to your particular need! This means by tweaking them a little or completely discarding and recreating it for your own purpose. That we consider “taking ownership” of the instrument.

A Performance can have three Parts. MAIN, LAYER, SPLIT
The MAIN Part is always present; the LAYER covers the same territory as the MAIN; the SPLIT is your left hand Part.
Each Part contains one of the 433 Preset Voices.
All 128 Performances are in User memory!
You can play the Preset Voices, but you set “your” sounds for performing by placing the Voice in one of the three Parts of a User Performance.

Once you really take ownership of the CP4 Stage, your 128 Performances will be your “favorites bank”... because there is absolutely no reason to keep a Factory Performance that does not work for you. Take your time, you don’t want to just start discarding the Factory Performances until you “learn” what you can from them. Yamaha provides them strictly so the user can learn from them as to what you can do. Please, please, please, customize each and every one of them. Save your Performances to a USB stick.

If ever you want the factory set back, they can be restored through a series of button presses.
So the User Performance Bank should only include your “favorites”.

When you are going through the 433 Voices, they are laid out among 16 Voice Categories. You can set a particular Voice to sit atop the category, so that when you select a Category a specific “favorite” will be directly selected:

Setting your favorite Voices
The Voice selected first of all whenever you press a Voice Category button is referred to as a “favorite Voice”. By default, the first Voice from each category is set as its favorite Voice; however, you can set your own favorite Voices using the following procedure:

Select the Voice you wish to set at the top of the category; hold down [SHIFT] and press the Voice Category button for the selected category.
The message “Favorite voice registered” will be displayed on-screen to confirm your new setting.

NOTE If the category of the pressed button matches the Voice category of the Part currently selected for editing, the set favorite Voice will not be recalled.
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