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  1. CassieDennis
  2. Montage
  3. Wednesday, 28 September 2016
Bad Mister has cooked up another series to help you create great sound with your MONTAGE - focused on the art of Arpeggios.

Haven't read it yet? Check out the first article in the series "Arpeggio Making 101 for MONTAGE" now.

Questions or comments? Join the conversation here.

And stay tuned! Next lesson coming out in only a few days.
Responses (6)
manolo Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
i'm sorry, phil, but this is far too complicated. the whole undertaking does not meet practical needs. for comparison purposes: let's take a quick look at this excerpt of the manual of korg's m1:
this simple function transfers play data to a pattern by coping from a track. the only thing you have to do beforehand is to set the time signature and the length of the pattern by using the pattern initialize function. compare that easy method to montage's complex and convoluted procedure! let's face it: user arps are frighteningly difficult to make, therefore, i put user arp creation somewhere in between rocket science and brain surgery. unfortunately, the montage is an overly and unnecessarily complicated board. :D
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Montage
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Stefan Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thanks Phil, that is really useful. The arpeggios seem to be pretty powerful and easy to use. But the documentation is more on the light side :-).
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Montage
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Joel Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thank you Cassie for the announcement and Phil for this great new article ;)
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Montage
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Christine Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thank you, that' really helpful
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Montage
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Bernd Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Poor manolo continues to whine like a 4-year old brat.
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Montage
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Manfred Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Thank you very much for this lesson.
I don't think it's not complicated to make User Pattern while reading this tutorial.
  1. more than a month ago
  2. Montage
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