NAMM 2020 Tech Talks
Tech Talks are product overviews from our international team of demonstrators. During NAMM 2020 we focused on MONTAGE, MODX, YC61 and CP73/88. Check out all the Tech Talks below.
NAMM 2020: Live Performances
Check out the great live performances from NAMM 2020.
Yamaha Sessions: Amy Wadge
Check out this artist profile and Yamaha Session from the incomparable Amy Wadge.
Mastering CP: Setting up a Sostenuto and Soft Pedal
Set up a Sostenuto and Soft pedal in the CP88/73 Stage Pianos. This short article shows you how. 
Introducing CP OS v1.3
CP OS v1.3 adds new sounds and new functions to Yamaha CP73/88 Stage Pianos.
CP OS v1.2: Sound Demo Playlist
Check out the new Voices added to CP OS v1.2.
SynthBits: Camelot Pro and CP73/88 with Simone Capitani
See what you can do with Camelot Pro and CP73/88!
Mastering CP: Exploring the New Sounds in CP OS v1.2
New Pads, Leads plus Advanced Mode usage and new Controller possibilities!
CP73/88 Stage Piano: Article Roundup
Looking for all the CP73/88 Stage Piano articles? They are here!
SynthBits: Nahre Sol Improvising Over an Irregular Pulse
SynthBits: Nahre Sol Improvising Over an Irregular Pulse
Nahre Sol is back with an engaging take on improvisation, synthesizers and irregular musical pulses.
SynthBits: Synthesizers, As Digested by a Classical Musician (Nahre Sol)
SynthBits: Synthesizers, As Digested by a Classical Musician (Nahre Sol)
Nahre Sol explores synthesizers, discusses the creative process and performs an original composition.
JAde Wii: CP88 Lo-Fi Keys on the SP-404
JAde Wii creates some Lo-Fi sounds with CP88 and SP-404.
JAde Wii CP88 and Modular Jam Nº 1
JAde Wii creates a chill jam with CP88 and her modular.
Artist Profile: Jon McLaughlin and CP88
Yamaha Artist Jon McLaughlin shares his thoughts on the CP88 Stage Piano.
Mastering CP: Installing a Live Set XML File into Cubase
Want to set up the CP73/88 as a MIDI device in Cubase? This article will show you how!
Mastering CP: Menus vs Settings
Understanding the function of Menus and Settings in the CP73/88 Stage Piano
Mastering CP: The Electric Piano Section
Inside the E.Piano Section in CP73/88. 
Mastering CP: Advanced Mode
The CP Advanced Mode lets you put any sound in any Section. Check out some creative ways to use this feature.

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