The final Moessieurs Monday for 2018! Last week was all about Motion Sequence basics. This week is all about Motion Sequences within a Part.
The Brackett got his hands on a MODX and created this cool video using his iPhone and the TNR-e app!
Interested in finding out what can be done with the Motion Sequencer in MONTAGE or MODX? Today's Moessieurs Monday is a great place to start!
Check out Antoinio "Tone" Daniels new Christmas record "Christmas Love"!
Get festive with your Yamaha MODX with Dom Sigalas and his FM Xmas sound pack!
Check out Moessieurs and this great analysis of Easy Sounds "FM-Xperience". 
Check out the reviews for MODX!
Not just famous- but 10 ULTRA famous - piano riffs played on MODX6 from Dr. Mix!
Today is Monday and that means another installment from Moessieurs! This week is about connecting MONTAGE and MOTIF XF together with Camelot Pro!
Check out this excellent MODX video from the YouTube music technology channel Loopop.
And the rave reviews keep coming in! The MONTAGE Music Synthesizer is an amazing musical instrument with great sound, powerful real-time control and user-friendly workflow. But don't take our word for it, take a look at the following MONTAGE reviews:
From our friends at Sonicstate comes this synth jam with a CS15 processed with a Ventris Dual Reverb pedal!
On October 17, Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. co-hosted “Two Yamahas, One Passion—RIDERS MEET PIANIST,” an event where the sensitivity of a pianist and motorcyclists blend into one, at the Yamaha Hall in Ginza, Tokyo.
More on FM-X for MONTAGE and MODX owners from Moessieurs!
Check out this short and sweet article from out friends at Ask.Audio.
This week Moessieurs explores the different spectral forms and operator frequencies in FM-X.
Check out Tatsuya Takahashi build a sound on the Yamaha CS-30.
Today's Moessieuers Mondays features a nice introduction to FM Synthesis!
Check out this cool video featuring Stephen Coker playing a 1977 CS60 analog synthesizer!
Today's installment of Moessieurs Monday is all about the using Camelot to connect MOTIF XF and MONTAGE.
Check out this great overview of the DX7 from
Check out this cool video from our friends at Dr. Mix about the CS50 Synthesizer!
Check out this short article complete with a great musical examples from the talented producer/remixer/DJ Chris Lorenzo!
All the cool new features added in MONTAGE OS French! (with English subtitles)
Check out this highlight video from Woody's MODX Livestream!
Austin musical raconteur Scott Brackett is back with this entertaining and informative video about sound design. Read more to see his video and download his free custom MOTIF XF, MOXF, MONTAGE and MODX sound and sample content!
Over 40 years of synth history!
One of the best descriptions of the weight of MODX can be found in this video!
The folks from Synthopia talk to Blake Angelos about MODX at the Launch Event.
Woody checks out the great electric piano and organ sounds in MODX.
Meet Woody from the YouTube Channel "Woody Piano Shack"!
Check out Moessieurs exploration of the MODX Vocoder!
Direct from the MODX Launch Event at Yamaha Artist Services NYC!
Check out Stephen Fortner's thoughts on meeting MODX for the first time!
Check out this epic livestream featuring Woody Piano Shack!
The Moessieurs walk you through updating MODX. 
Check out YouTuber Woody unboxing and playing the MODX6 up in his Piano Shack!
Meet BoBeats and hear him explore some of the his favorite sounds in MODX!
Doctor Mix had the perfect opportunity to show the MODX in this short video. Check it out below!
Moessieurs Mondays are back! Check out this introduction to MODX in French (with English subtitles).
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