Easy Sounds latest edition of the Yamaha Music Production Guide is hot off the virtual presses!
Check out this performance by the Berlin-based duo from Superbooth 19.
Blake Angelos shows some of his favorite sounds and features in MODX.
JAde Wii is back with mellow LoFi loops!
World-renowned electronic music artist and sound designer Richard Devine performs with MODX at Superbooth 19. 
Check out this great demonstration of pure FM-X Synthesis in MONTAGE using a ROLi Seaboard Rise 49 and Camelot Pro.
JAde Wii creates some Lo-Fi sounds with CP88 and SP-404.
JAde Wii creates a chill jam with CP88 and her modular.
Dom shows you how to integrate the ROLi Seaboard Block with MODX!
Check out Blake's video from Superbooth 19!
Yamaha Artist Jon McLaughlin shares his thoughts on the CP88 Stage Piano.
Check out how Anders Enger Jensen made his song "Reface My DX" at Thomann Synth Reactor 2019!
YouTuber Anders Enger Jensen takes us back to the 80s!
Moira returns to Superbooth 19 with a great set featuring MODX7 and her customized RX17 Drum Machine.
Dom Sigalas shows you power of reface CS and MODX in this video from Superbooth 19. 
Check out this cool video from Thomann Synth Reactor!
Check out what Yamaha Synthesizer artist Anomalie got up to on his day off in Portland, OR.
Dom Sigalas shows you why you should use Soundmondo if you own MONTAGE, MODX, CP or reface.
The last and best installment of Scott's "Sound Talking, Sound Thinking" series!
You CAN make 80s music with affordable synthesizers!
Check out this great video from YouTuber 8-Bit Keys about his visit to Thomann Synth Reactor 2019.
Check out this remarkable video featuring Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Alfa Mist.
JAde Wii creates a relaxing soundscape with reface DX.
Understanding the function of Menus and Settings in the CP73/88 Stage Piano
Check out the remarkably talented Nahre Sol using a looper with reface CP.
Inside the E.Piano Section in CP73/88. 
For all you Legend of Zelda fans out there.
The CP Advanced Mode lets you put any sound in any Section. Check out some creative ways to use this feature.
Scott Brackett is back with another edition of "Sound Talking, Sound Thinking". This time it's all about MODX Audio Beat Sync, creative ways to use this powerful feature, heavy philsophical concepts, and a very good dog.
If you live in the Los Angeles area and are in to Synthesizers you need to check out the first annual Synthplex festival March 28-31, 2019!
Check out this cool ambient groove featuring RS7000.
MONTAGE Users: Get this exciting update for SampleRobot NOW!
This informative video by Professor Scott Brackett is all about the onboard effects and A/D Input of MODX.
All the great videos from Winter NAMM 2019!
Check out the CP88/CP73 overview from Musictrackjp!
We conclude our FM week with a very special interview with two legends.
Check out this fascinating article from Yamaha Japan about the development of FM Synthesis from the beginning to the MONTAGE and MODX.
FM Week continues! Check out our Winter NAMM 2019 interview with Manny Fernandez.
We continue our FM week at YamahaSynth with a cool anecdote from Dave Bristow, one of the original programmers of the DX7. 
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