Inside the E.Piano Section in CP73/88. 
For all you Legend of Zelda fans out there.
The CP Advanced Mode lets you put any sound in any Section. Check out some creative ways to use this feature.
Scott Brackett is back with another edition of "Sound Talking, Sound Thinking". This time it's all about MODX Audio Beat Sync, creative ways to use this powerful feature, heavy philsophical concepts, and a very good dog.
If you live in the Los Angeles area and are in to Synthesizers you need to check out the first annual Synthplex festival March 28-31, 2019!
Check out this cool ambient groove featuring RS7000.
MONTAGE Users: Get this exciting update for SampleRobot NOW!
This informative video by Professor Scott Brackett is all about the onboard effects and A/D Input of MODX.
All the great videos from Winter NAMM 2019!
Check out the CP88/CP73 overview from Musictrackjp!
We conclude our FM week with a very special interview with two legends.
Check out this fascinating article from Yamaha Japan about the development of FM Synthesis from the beginning to the MONTAGE and MODX.
FM Week continues! Check out our Winter NAMM 2019 interview with Manny Fernandez.
We continue our FM week at YamahaSynth with a cool anecdote from Dave Bristow, one of the original programmers of the DX7. 
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This week is all about FM Synthesis at YamahaSynth! Check out this discussion and demonstration of the reface DX and the DTronics DT-RDX controller.
Check out this great video tour of the CS80 from Look Mum No Computer.
Check out the interview with vocalist, composer and producer Tori Letzler.
Check out the interview with Yamaha Synthesizer artist Dan Rouse.
How to search through all those Waveforms in MONTAGE and MODX.
Check out this video featuring Yamaha Synthesizer artist Joey Dosik
Check out this great live performance featuring Rome-based keyboardist and producer Manuele Montesanti.
Check out this exceptionally cool demonstration by Dom Sigalas with CP88 and Cubase!
Check out this memorable interview and performance with Avery*Sunshine.
Moessieurs shows you how to build a Performance on MODX.
Check out Part II of our interview with Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Nicholas Semrad.
Check out this Instagram post from Nicholas Semrad and Lenny "The OX" Reece!
Blake Angelos interviews Nicholas Semrad and shares his thoughts about the CP88 and CP73 Stage Pianos
Great sound, great feel, great design: Blake Angelos demostrates the new CP88 and CP73 Stage Pianos at NAMM 2019!
Ever wonder how Parameter with Part works when building Performances? This week's Moessieurs Monday explains.
This week we have a bonus Synthbit from the amazing Anomalie!
Nick Batt from Sonicstate stopped by after NAMM to see the Yamaha Synth Space. Check out his interview with Nate Tschetter. 
Check out this short video from three important members of the development team.
Over the next few weeks we will be reposting our livestreams from Winter NAMM 2019 right here on YamahaSynth! Check out the interview with Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Joey Dosik.
Today's Moessieurs Monday is all about making quick edits to Parts and Performances in MONTAGE (and MODX!). 
A.J. Rafael and his friends recently jammed out at our new Yamaha Synth Space!
NAMM 2019 is over! Let's all chill out for a moment and listen to Scott Brackett's creation using MODX, Abelton Live and OP-Z.
Check out the new CP73 and CP88 stage pianos.
Today's post from Moessieurs is all about keeping your MODX up-to-date!
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