From the YouTube channel 8-Bit Keys - by way of our good friends at Synthtopia - comes this cool video review of the Yamaha CS01 synthesizer and MR10 drum machine. There is also a special musical treat!
What happens when you give legendary Yamaha product guru, Craig Knudsen, a Yamaha U1TA Transacoustic Piano, a reface CS and the iOS app MIDI Designer? See for yourself!
Gotta love an old school jam! From comes this little jam featuring . . .
Are you a GarageBand user looking to upgrade to Logic Pro X but wondering how to move your existing projects over? This short video from our friends at Ask Audio takes only six minutes of your time to answer that question!
Welcome to the first installment of our new weekly series - Synthbits - where we highlight the creative work of our Yamaha synth users! Check out this cool video we found on Matrixsynth created by oLLiLabratories featuring reface CP.
Francesco Tristano is the definition of eclectic. Learn more about the Luxembourg-born Yamaha piano artist and composer - and get a sneak peek into his studio.
MONTAGE OS Version 1.5 has arrived! This update improves Sound, Control and Workflow - and will appeal to musicians of all types.
Yamaha keyboard artist Salo Loyo takes us through his live Motif XF rig just before a Luis Miguel concert in Santiago Chile:
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