Over 40 years of synth history!
One of the best descriptions of the weight of MODX can be found in this video!
The folks from Synthopia talk to Blake Angelos about MODX at the Launch Event.
Woody checks out the great electric piano and organ sounds in MODX.
Meet Woody from the YouTube Channel "Woody Piano Shack"!
Check out Moessieurs exploration of the MODX Vocoder!
Direct from the MODX Launch Event at Yamaha Artist Services NYC!
Check out Stephen Fortner's thoughts on meeting MODX for the first time!
Check out this epic livestream featuring Woody Piano Shack!
The Moessieurs walk you through updating MODX. 
Check out YouTuber Woody unboxing and playing the MODX6 up in his Piano Shack!
Meet BoBeats and hear him explore some of the his favorite sounds in MODX!
Doctor Mix had the perfect opportunity to show the MODX in this short video. Check it out below!
Moessieurs Mondays are back! Check out this introduction to MODX in French (with English subtitles).
Check out why the user interaction and navigation sounds in the new Jaguar I-Pace sound so cool!
Continuing with our "Spotlight on Richard Devine" theme, this week's Synthbits is a great interview from with Richard about sound design with MODX from Synthtopia.
Check out Richard Devine as he performs a short modular set on the MODX.
Fresh off of his great performance and interview during the MODX Music Synthesizer livestream on September 14, YamahaSynth is proud to announce Richard Devine's new record "Sort\Lave" available November 2. 
Empower your creativity, take control and stand out from the crowd with MODX: a compact, lightweight synthesizer designed for inspired music-making.
Check out this sweet demonstration of the DTronics DT7 controller with the classic DX7!
How does Scott Brackett use his Yamaha Synthesizers in his studio? Check out this great video on his workflow!
Check out this cool video featuring YouTuber Nahre Sol and her reface CP.
Tom Carpenter's cover of the 1985 Pet Shop Boys song "Opportunities" - learn and how he made it in this tasty bit of Synth:
Covers of Drake’s album Scorpion from Tiny Room Studio - check it out!
Learn about the story behind the music commuters hear in Japan's metro stations in this tasty bit of Synth.
Check out this great overview of the CS-60 by electronic artist Mathew Jonson.
Check out this fabulous interview with Yamaha Synthesizer Artist, Cassandra O'Neal and N'Digo.
Join our new IdeaScale community and let us know your ideas!
Great performance featuring Yamaha Product Demonstrator and Artist Manuele Montesanti!Our friend from Rome Manuele Montesanti had an great session at the North Sea Jazz Festival with a project called
Great videos about Yamaha Synthesizers from France!
Lots of great content from Berlin!
Check out this great interview with the developers of Camelot!
Check out this great video featuring a 1977 Yamaha Electone D85!
Meet Christian Halten, developer of SampleRobot for MONTAGE!
Luxembourg pianist and composer Francesco Tristano talks MONTAGE and reface in this engaging interview and performance.
In Part II of our interview with Scott Brackett, we talk about what he’s working on now, the Yamaha synthesizers he uses and what he loves about them.
Meet Austin-based musician Scott Brackett!
Check out this interview with Spanish keyboardist Álvaro Gandul.
Check out this interview with Moira Muñoz from Superbooth18!
Electronic music producer, sound designer and product expert Ulf Kaiser demonstrates the Dtronics DT-RDX at Superbooth18!
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