Suzanne Ciani in a cool demonstration via this great video from 1980. It was first broadcast on "3-2-1 Contact", a science show for kids that ran from 1980-88 on PBS in the United States.
From Dub Cousteau comes a cool groove using the classic RS7000 Music Production Studio.
FM Synthesis is capable of generating some great synth bass sounds. Let Doctor Mix show you how to build one on reface DX!
The CP4 and CP40 Stage pianos have some great features inside. Check out these top 5 articles:
Check out this beautiful version of Robert Flack's "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" performed by Kandace Springs and the CP4 Stage Piano.
It really is a big sound in a little package. Hear Giannis Ark play the reface CS and be amazed.
Let Dr. Mix show you how to build a fat kick drum sound on reface DX in this tasty bit of Synth.
YouTuber tritonrecordings created a great video series called "Synth Stuff". Check out episode 31 with a taste of the reface DX!
The DX7 was the sound of the 80s. Enjoy this way back Wednesday flavor of Synthbits!
As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing and improving MONTAGE we are proud to introduce MONTAGE OS v2.0! Get it HERE! MONTAGE OS v2.0 adds new sound, control and workflow enhancements to the MONTAGE music synthesizer. Check out what's coming!
Highlights from NAMM2018! Check out some great music, videos and product announcements from the Yamaha Synthesizer display at Winter NAMM 2018.
We are excited to announce SampleRobot Pro MONTAGE Edition - an amazing automatic sampling software solution for musicians and sound designers!
Announcing the John Melas MONTAGE Performance Editor and Librarian!
The TNR-i and TNR-e Tenori-on iOS apps now include Allihoopa social music network integration
Check out the interview with Keyboardist and Composer Nicholas Semrad!
Check out the interview below with keyboardist, singer songwriter and producer Cassandra O'Neal from NAMM2018!
Yamaha Synthesizer Artist Greg Spero is interviewed and performed at NAMM2018 - check it out!
When Nick Semrad left the Yamaha booth with a reface CS asking "do you mind if I borrow this and walk around the show?" - we thought something cool might happen. Enjoy this Synthbits moment from NAMM 2018!
Tom Furse is the synth and keys man with UK rock band The Horrors.  He graciously invited us into his home to talk gear and show how reface integrates into his ever changing Eurorack system. 
The title says it all: Here are 7 top keyboardists from Spain playing reface!
What do the names Crockett, Tubbs, Maverick and Axel have in common? They strutted their stuff to some of our favorite television and movie soundtracks! Check out this latest taste of Synth...
If you are a reface DX owner, you need to know about reface DX Legacy Project. Check out this special Sythbits . . . 
Once again we revisit one of the legendary synthesizers from Yamaha, the CS-80. Check out this great video from for this week's Synthbits.
The series "Stranger Things" has taken the world by storm. Listen to Dom Sigalas play his tribute song "Stranger Vibe" performed entirely with a single MONTAGE Performance in this tasty bit of Synth video. 
Synthbits brings you keyboard extraordinaire Manuele Montesanti as he perform his tribute song to MONTAGE OS 1.60 "My OS"!
We love posting videos of people playing MONTAGE! They come in all kinds of flavors - check it out . . .
For this week's Synthbits we once again check in with Scotty B aka "thebrackett" and see what he's cooking. As always, it makes for a tasty video treat!
The MX88 feels great, sounds great and features great computer and iOS connectivity at a great price. It’s a great instrument for the modern pianist. Check out some great reviews of MX88! (Can you tell we think it’s great too?!)
Uber talented musicians with Yamaha synths - in Italy! Bellisimo! Join us for this full wrap up of our Synthbits from Soundmit 2017 . . . 
We conclude our Synthbits Italian adventure from Soundmit 2017 with a killer duet from Manuele Montesanti and Álvaro Gandul!
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Dolce spettacolo (a sweet performance!) from Soundmit 2017 in Torino, Italy - with Spanish keyboardist and producer Álvaro Gandul playing MONTAGE and reface YC!
The videos keep coming from Soundmit 2017! Check out Manuele Montesanti - Rocambolesco!
Our Synthbits Soundmit 2017 adventure continues with a video of an amazing performance by Moira Muñoz!
We are kicking off a special week of tasty bits of Synth - from Soundmit 2017 in Torino Italy!
Manuele Montesanti is a great keyboardist, producer and Yamaha product demonstrator from Rome, Italy.
Check out this cool taste of synth - an FM synthesis tutorial on the classic DX7!
What do some of the best musicians on the planet have in common?  They rely on Yamaha Synthesizers and Stage Pianos for creating their sound on tour. Check out these artists and their tour schedules - and hear the results when great instruments meet fabulous talent!
Vangelis used the CS80 extensively in the movie "Blade Runner" - so come enjoy a special Synthbits as we look at this fabulous synth!
Once again we revist Scotty B (aka thebrackett) and his reface DX for a double bite of Synth fun! 
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