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Great performance featuring Yamaha Product Demonstrator and Artist Manuele Montesanti! Our friend from Rome Manuele Montesanti had an great session at the North Sea Jazz Festival with a project called
Great videos about Yamaha Synthesizers from France!
Check out this great interview with the developers of Camelot!
Check out this great video featuring a 1977 Yamaha Electone D85!
Meet Christian Halten, developer of SampleRobot for MONTAGE!
Luxembourg pianist and composer Francesco Tristano talks MONTAGE and reface in this engaging interview and performance.
In Part II of our interview with Scott Brackett, we talk about what he’s working on now, the Yamaha synthesizers he uses and what he loves about them.
Meet Austin-based musician Scott Brackett!
Check out this interview with Spanish keyboardist Álvaro Gandul.
Check out this interview with Moira Muñoz from Superbooth18!
Electronic music producer, sound designer and product expert Ulf Kaiser demonstrates the Dtronics DT-RDX at Superbooth18!
Forty-seven pages of great information on Yamaha Synthesizers and Electronic Drums!
Hold on tight and check out this DX100 commercial from 1986!
Continuing the conversation started in Part I...
This tasty birthday bite of synth celebrates the AN1x Control Synthesizer - released by Yamaha in 1997.
Check out the Yamaha synthesizer museum at Superbooth18.
Enjoy a scene "behind the synth" with an interview of the incomparable Phil "Bad Mister" Clendeninn by Blake Angelos.
You asked - and we heard!
John Melas demonstrates his great editing tools for MONTAGE at Superbooth18.
Yamaha Synthesizers: Highlights from Superbooth18!
London-based producer, film composer and sound designer Dom Sigalas with MONTAGE @ Superbooth18.
Film composer and software developer Christian Halten shows off SampleRobot MONTAGE edition at Superbooth18!
Camelot connects hardware and software instruments in a straightforward and powerful way. Check out the demonstration from Superbooth18.
Sound designer and MONTAGE expert Hans-Peter Henkel talks FM Synthesis at Superbooth18.
Drummer Merlin Ettore gives a unique drum and synthesizer performance at Superbooth18.
The wonderful Moira returns to Superbooth with the unique VKB-100 Vocaloid Synthesizer.
Check out this interview with electronic music artist and sound designer Richard Devine at Superbooth18.
Electronic music artist and sound designer Richard Devine blessed us with multiple performances at Superbooth18 in Berlin, Germany. Check out his performances from days 2 and 3!
Retro Band Systems plays arrangements of classic video game soundtracks with reface!
Check out this mesmerizing video featuring reface CP and a Eurorack system.
Make sure you check out the upcoming video live streams from Superbooth18!
Check out this sweet bit of great video with an overview of the RX11 Digital Rhythm Programmer.
Check out the great Yamaha Synthesizer videos from Musikmesse 2018!
Check out this great performance using reface CS and the looper feature on our latest bit of Synth.
Suzanne Ciani in a cool demonstration via this great video from 1980. It was first broadcast on "3-2-1 Contact", a science show for kids that ran from 1980-88 on PBS in the United States.
From Dub Cousteau comes a cool groove using the classic RS7000 Music Production Studio.
FM Synthesis is capable of generating some great synth bass sounds. Let Doctor Mix show you how to build one on reface DX!
The CP4 and CP40 Stage pianos have some great features inside. Check out these top 5 articles:
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