Dolce spettacolo (a sweet performance!) from Soundmit 2017 in Torino, Italy - with Spanish keyboardist and producer Álvaro Gandul playing MONTAGE and reface YC!
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The videos keep coming from Soundmit 2017! Check out Manuele Montesanti - Rocambolesco!
Our Synthbits Soundmit 2017 adventure continues with a video of an amazing performance by Moira Muñoz!
We are kicking off a special week of tasty bits of Synth - from Soundmit 2017 in Torino Italy!
Manuele Montesanti is a great keyboardist, producer and Yamaha product demonstrator from Rome, Italy.
Check out this cool taste of synth - an FM synthesis tutorial on the classic DX7!
What do some of the best musicians on the planet have in common?  They rely on Yamaha Synthesizers and Stage Pianos for creating their sound on tour. Check out these artists and their tour schedules - and hear the results when great instruments meet fabulous talent!
Vangelis used the CS80 extensively in the movie "Blade Runner" - so come enjoy a special Synthbits as we look at this fabulous synth!
Once again we revist Scotty B (aka thebrackett) and his reface DX for a double bite of Synth fun! 
This week's Synthbits comes from YouTuber Polyphonic and it's all about the "Dream Machine": the legendary Yamaha GX-1 Synthesizer.
Whentherushcomes posts some great videos with reface on YouTube - and thought you'd like a taste!
Back in 1984 Yamaha released the CX5M music computer. Enjoy this tasty bit of vintage synth!
It's amazing how fresh the Yamaha DX5 sounds in this sweet bit of synth video from YouTube user CLASSIC VINTAGE!
It should be pretty clear that yamahasynth deeply digs thebrackett's postings on Instagram.
The little brother to the classic Yamaha CS-80 was the CS-60. Check out this in-depth video tour for a taste of the amazing CS-60!
Check out these tasty morsels from "thebrackett"!
In 1999 Yamaha released the RM1x Sequence Remixer. Now, 18 years later (!) we celebrate this classic box featuring YouTube user RaveTracks is our latest tasty bit of Synth!
YouTube User "Power DX7" nails the sweet synth sounds of classic 80s hits with his masterful DX7 programming.
The reviews are in - and the Yamaha MD-BT01 and UD-BT01 Bluetooth® Wireless MIDI Adaptors score high marks.
Nigerian producer and keyboardist Wole Oni plays through some of his favorite MONTAGE Performances in this captivating video.
The MONTAGE Music Synthesizer evolved from a long line of remarkable musical instruments like the legendary DX-7.
From an anno lab and Yamaha collaboration comes refacerobot!
Behind the Synth is a series highlighting the people behind Yamaha synthesizers - new and old. We kick-off the series with the incredible sound designer, Scott Plunkett.
It's a "Flashback Friday" Synthbits video - a 1986 episode about MIDI Music from "Computer Chronicles", a show that ran on PBS from 1983-2002. 
Check out this cool video of Moira’s Performance at Superbooth17!
This tasty birthday bite of synth celebrates the AN1x Control Synthesizer - released by Yamaha in 1997.
Moira Muñoz is a dynamic Spanish electronic artist from Madrid, Spain.
Check out these two great videos featuring the MX49 and MX61 demonstrated by two talented musicians.
An Interactive Workshop at NY Sound Factory, Wednesday, June 14th featuring MONTAGE, MOXF, MX and reface.
At Superbooth 17, we had a chance to interview Yamaha Europe product demonstrator and talented artist, Xantoné Blacq.
From our friends at Perfect Circuit Audio comes this cool demonstration of what many consider the ulitmate analog synthesizer, the CS-80.
When the Yamaha EX5 was released in 1998, it was state of the art. 
This is less of a Synthbits and more of a HUGE Synthbite!
The first time I saw the Yamaha VL1 Virtual Acoustic Synthesizer was at the Winter NAMM show in 1994. It was utterly captivating and today, some 23 years later, the unique sound of the VL1 is still mind-blowing. In fact it is so mind-blowing that we have included three tastes of this unique Synth for you!
"Create your sound, anyplace, anytime" is the guiding principle of the reface product line and this week's Synthbits video from Savior Adore performing "Giants" really shows that.
FM Essential is a free FM Synthesizer app for iOS. Learn how to get it and unlock it for free!
What do you get when you mix classic dance, innovative film and a creative composer? A fabulous bit of synth!
From the YouTube channel 8-Bit Keys - by way of our good friends at Synthtopia - comes this cool video review of the Yamaha CS01 synthesizer and MR10 drum machine. There is also a special musical treat!
What happens when you give legendary Yamaha product guru, Craig Knudsen, a Yamaha U1TA Transacoustic Piano, a reface CS and the iOS app MIDI Designer? See for yourself!
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