The live stream celebration spans September 22 and 23!
Meet Phil "Bad Mister" Clendeninn in this weeks installment of Behind the Synth!
This week's episode of Behind the Synth features artist and YouTuber JAde Wii!
Nahre Sol is back with an engaging take on improvisation, synthesizers and irregular musical pulses.
Check out this cool demonstration of Camelot Pro from Superbooth 19!
Check out the latest Behind the Synth epidsode featuring sound design guru Manny Fernandez!
The Madrid-based dynamic duo perform a very cool "ultraviolet" set.
Blake and Nate explore the small and stout CS15 Control Synthesizer in this week's Behind the Synth Podcast.
Check out the new features in SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition!
The second episode of the Behind the Synth Podcast is available now!
You can do some cool things when you connect CP88 to Cubase. Dom Sigalas shows you how in this video from Superbooth 19!
Nahre Sol explores synthesizers, discusses the creative process and performs an original composition.
Introducing the official Yamaha Synth podcast: Behind the Synth!
MONTAGE OS v2.5 introduced DAW Remote to MONTAGE. This video from Moessieurs shows you how to set it up in Cubase.
Madrid-based musicians Moira Muñoz and Jairo Ubiano perform a great set at Superbooth 19!
It's easy to record and playback high-quality audio on MONTAGE and MODX!
Check out this live performance from Madrid-based keyboardist and composer Rebeca Nayla!
Moessieurs Monday is back! Check out this video on SampleRobot!
Check out this video from True Cuckoo as he describes his experience with MODX.
Dom Sigalas' visit to the Yamaha Synth Space.
Mixhell is the electronic music project of Brazilian husband and wife duo Igor Cavalera and Laima Peyton.
Woody is back with a Midnight MODX Concert.
Easy Sounds latest edition of the Yamaha Music Production Guide is hot off the virtual presses!
Check out this performance by the Berlin-based duo from Superbooth 19.
Blake Angelos shows some of his favorite sounds and features in MODX.
JAde Wii is back with mellow LoFi loops!
World-renowned electronic music artist and sound designer Richard Devine performs with MODX at Superbooth 19. 
Check out this great demonstration of pure FM-X Synthesis in MONTAGE using a ROLi Seaboard Rise 49 and Camelot Pro.
JAde Wii creates some Lo-Fi sounds with CP88 and SP-404.
JAde Wii creates a chill jam with CP88 and her modular.
Dom shows you how to integrate the ROLi Seaboard Block with MODX!
Check out Blake's video from Superbooth 19!
Yamaha Artist Jon McLaughlin shares his thoughts on the CP88 Stage Piano.
Check out how Anders Enger Jensen made his song "Reface My DX" at Thomann Synth Reactor 2019!
YouTuber Anders Enger Jensen takes us back to the 80s!
Moira returns to Superbooth 19 with a great set featuring MODX7 and her customized RX17 Drum Machine.
Dom Sigalas shows you power of reface CS and MODX in this video from Superbooth 19. 
Check out this cool video from Thomann Synth Reactor!
Check out what Yamaha Synthesizer artist Anomalie got up to on his day off in Portland, OR.
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