Behind the Synth

Get to know artist Neil Tankersley.
Behind the Synth episodes featuring classic Yamaha Synthesizers!
Some great conversations with designers of sound!
A collection of artist interviews from the past year.
Blake and Nate chat with noted author, Howard Massey. 
This week Nate and Blake chat with Yamaha Aritst Dan Rouse.
Blake and Nate chat with keyboardist, Nicholas Semrad.
This week's Behind the Synth features the great Bro Paul Brown!
Blake and Nate chat with Content, R&D manager, Ben Israel.
Check out this chat with one of the original FM programmers!
Sound designer, keyboardist and producer Dave Polich is the guest. 
Manny and Nate discuss Smart Morph and MONTAGE OS v3.5.
This week features electronic music artist Rachel K. Collier.
Manny discusses DX7II sound design work in this week's Behind the Synth.
Blake chats with Honolulu-based band Close The Distance.
Check out this great conversation from NAMM 2020!
Blake's chats with session keyboardist, Jonas Gröning.
We go Behind the Synth with Claudio and Dom from Doctor Mix.
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