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  4. Saturday, 09 March 2019
I have an old Pattern with 4 tracks. 3 of the tracks have a split keyboard (zones), why I don't remember. But I'm not finding how to remove the split & extend the zones within Pattern mode. The voices assigned to the 3 tracks do not have zones assigned and use the entire keyboard. Where does one find zone controls in the Pattern mode?
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Bad Mister
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Technically speaking, “Zones” are only found in Master mode, perhaps you are referring to “Note Limits”

Note Limits set a High and Low Note region for a particular Part
Press [MIXING]
Press [EDIT]
Press the Track [1] button to view Part 1 parameters
Press [F1] VOICE
Press [SF3] LIMIT
Here you can set the Low and High Note Limits for the selected Part.
C-2 is the lowest Note on the ‘mythological’ 128 Note MIDI keyboard
G8 is the highest Note.

Reference points: Using C3 = middle C...
A standard 88 key piano goes from A-1 thru C7
A 76 key instrument goes from E0 thru G6
A 61 key instrument goes from C1 thru C6
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