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  4. Friday, 14 December 2018
I have been trying to follow the Mastering MONTAGE Superknob Deep Dive 1. It was created by Bad Mister in early 2017. The latest screen layouts are so different that I cannot follow along and learn these basics. Where do I turn? Can you help?

Thank you,
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Links help. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJ1Tp7bvj9w&list=PLbPXhs3J3MiBO0BB2eEEoOMhqG22ua1Mh&t=0s&index=19


This screen now shows extra information. All of the original information is still there - still labeled the same. There's just now the ====> part which shows you how the source (common assignable knob, for instance) is connected to a specific PART's assignable knob. And, also - this screen now drills down into the PART and shows you what parameter is being modulated. Before, you had to back out of this area and follow down to the PART to see how the Common Assignable knobs were assigned. I guess the point is that the screen is not jumbled up and wildly different. There is extra information. The tutorial still applies if you can ignore this extra information. I'm not watching the tutorial, but you get to this screen by touching the Performance name at the top of the [PERFORMANCE] (HOME) screen, then touch the "Edit" menu option. This will place you in the common audio section where you can choose the "Control" -> "Control Assign" menu.

Maybe you don't want to sort through this - I can understand that.


This screen is no different except now in the far lower-left corner you have a box that says "Part 1" you can touch to quickly change the PART number using touchscreen instead of using the Number A [1]-[16] buttons. This is a very subtle difference - should be easy to resolve.


This screen is no different except the PART button difference noted on the last screen.


This screen functions exactly the same. There are some controllers you cannot "touch" like the envelope follower and motion sequence lanes. Since you have no knob or lever to wiggle - newer firmware allows you to press a virtual button on the touchscreen to assign the parameter to the parameter to MS Lane or Envelope Follower. For the tutorial, you don't have to worry about this. When you wiggle the assignable knob - as instructed - the screen will react exactly as it does in the tutorial and bring you to the next screen you expect. Again, you can ignore the extra "stuff" on the screen which doesn't apply.


This screen is exactly the same.

That covers part 1.
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Jason, thank you.

My mistake for just trying to go by the video and not reading the article. I was struggling because I wasn't using the "Examples" live set.

Thanks again for taking the time to set me straight.
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