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  4. Friday, 26 October 2018
Hey It has a Mod Wheel,So it is a Synth... Does Anyone Know if Tempo can be saved in a User Pattern?? The Preset Patterns have Tempo Saved in them.. Thanks..I Know it is Old,But it is Still One of the Best Funky Machines Ever Built!!!!! Thanks...
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Bad Mister
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It had a MW that could act as PB Wheel! And you could edit and program Voices... so Yes, it very much was a Synthesizer!

That’s a long time ago! Back then (if memory serves) Pattern Tempo was only recalled with the Preset Patterns (they had a “suggested” tempo...) fear was no one would recognize the grooves if just left at the last set tempo. Tempo was very much a real-time parameter in the User Pattern area.

In fact, if memory serves me, a Song could be stored with an “Initial Tempo” only if you turned the function “On”. That’s because, mostly back then, drum machines were separate products used in larger systems where the Sequencer was responsible for Tempo Clock. So mostly your drum machine was set to MIDI SYNC = MIDI because tempo was coming from another device.

_ You can place your Pattern in a Song, Set “Initial Tempo” to On, the Song will store your tempo...
_ You can set the MIDI SYNC = MIDI and use an external device to be Master clock (if you must be in Pattern mode).
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Thanks PC.. Its Jimmy from Jersey..AKA YamahaJim... You actually Convinced Me to buy My first RY30....at Eddies MY store..
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