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  1. Lee
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  3. Saturday, 22 December 2018
Hi all,

So I've actually been on the forums for some time, but seem to have lost access to my account because I deleted my Facebook account. Oh well, never mind.

Let me firstly say that I love my Reface CS, this is definitely a keeper for me.

One thing that I am missing from it though, that I'm sure Yamaha could implement easily given the CS's legacy - MIDI Pan control. This is one of the few stereo synths I own that doesn't recognise the MIDI Pan CC control (Controller 10). This would be super helpful, as when used in conjunction with MIDI CC 7, allows for simple mix automation without having to use an external mixer.

For me, I tend to find that I sequence MIDI first and delay bouncing down audio tracks as long as possible. This makes it trivial to experiment with key, tempo and voicing changes without having to re-record the part. Having good MIDI control means it's possible just to feed a whole bunch of synths into a summing mixer, and mix with MIDI.

I'm not sure why or when manufacturers started not implementing such controls, but it sure would be handy to have back.

What's the chance this could be implemented in a firmware update?

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Bad Mister
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What's the chance this could be implemented in a firmware update?
Reminds me of the old vaudeville routine reply: “Somewhere between Slim and None... and Slim, he just left town!”

Actually, I don’t know, firmware updates are not always announced before they happen, but highly unlikely as the reface devices are basically recreations of Mono devices (the Effects are Mono In / Stereo Out).

What you can do with current firmware
I’m not sure what DAW you are using, but you should be able to render audio files while keeping your original MIDI files (muted).
Many DAWs allow you to do this with a Freeze function for just such a purpose. This renders temporary audio files to which you can apply automation. The source MIDI data is placed in a folder that is temporarily muted. If you wish to edit (‘change you mind’) the source data can be restored (unFreeze).
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