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  1. Adrian
  2. reface
  3. Saturday, 16 December 2017
Hello, i can not to use the Data Entry for controll a plug in vsti with the reface DX. The plug ins receive the data with a erroneus behaviur. The slider o knob moves with shorts movements and never get the 0-127 values. I use the usuall option "midilearn" for a knob or a slider.

I need to known if this is a generall issue or it is a hardware error of my unit!

Thank you very much, i will apreciate help.
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Bad Mister
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The refaceDX, technically speaking, does not send DATA ENTRY (cc006) Out via MIDI. So no doubt your external devices cannot respond properly. The messages that refaceDX sends as CC are specifically intended for the refaceDX... which does not have to send all values 0-127 to Control it’s own parameters. In fact in some instances that is expressly not what it sends...

Use the CC messages of the refaceDX to Control the refaceDX - you’ll find it works perfectly.
For example, if you select Algorithm refaceDX Send cc080, it only needs 12 values since there are only 12 Algorithms...
Algo 1 cc80 Transmits 0
Algo 2 cc80 Transmits 12
Algo 3 cc80 Transmits 23
Algo 4 cc80 Transmits 35
Algo 5 cc80 Transmits 46
Algo 6 cc80 Transmits 58
Algo 7 cc80 Transmits 69
Algo 8 cc80 Transmits 81
Algo 9 cc80 Transmits 92
Algo 10 cc80 Transmits 104
Algo 11 cc80 Transmits 115
Algo 12 cc80 Transmits 127

Check the DATA LIST booklet (page 8) so that you know what each parameter sends... your expectations about your VSTi is your own miscalculation. The cc messages generated work absolutely perfectly for their desired intend: controlling the refaceDX!

It is neither an issue, nor is a hardware error. It is your expectation that the refaceDX sends Data Entry... it does not.
And only certain refaceDX parameters require sending all values, 0-127, see the DATA LIST booklet... for details.
Hope that helps.
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Thank you for the answer Bad Mister, greetings.

I was using:
OP1 LEVEL (output level) 85 — 0 – 127 because use the complety range of values from 0 to 127, and the external device can not respond properly, moves strange, not precise.
In definitive, it is not posible? Sad
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