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  1. Michael
  2. reface
  3. Thursday, 02 July 2020
Just got a Yamaha Reface CP and it's awesome but the sound output using the built-in speakers is VERY low. Pretty much forced to keep volume at 80-100% for a decent listening experience. What's most concerning is that when I turn the volume to about 35% or lower, I can't hear anything no matter how hard I press the keys. Trying to figure out if the unit is defective or if that's just the sound output from these units. They're supposed to be 2x2W speakers so I didn't expect much, but that's the same wattage as my computer monitor and it is MUCH louder. I did a factory reset and no difference. Also confirmed sound is coming out of both speakers so it's not just an issue with one of them. I messed with the drive and it didn’t make a difference either.
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