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  1. Mike
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  3. Thursday, 10 January 2019
When I power my KB, the voices that automatically appear are AP001 Concert Grand and STR081 Amb Pizza. I looked in the manual and browsed through the menus, but can't find a way to change them for other default voices ?
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You posted this to the MOXF part of the forum.

To get the MX to boot up to a specific voice (or performance), I'm betting it's very much like the MOXF:

- Put your voice in USR 1, 001 bank.
- Select POWER-ON MODE, and scroll to VOICE USR 1

Now when you power up, whatever you have in USR 1, 001 will be leaded.

There are probably other methods, but on the MOXF, I believe that this is the easiest.
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Bad Mister
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Please see the MX49MX61/MX88 Reference Manual page 65

StartUp - Determines the default power-on Performance—letting you select which Performance is automatically called up when you turn the power on.
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