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  3. Friday, 06 November 2015
Hello everybody! I'm going to purchase a Yamaha MX49 synthesizer which I'm going to use mainly as a MIDI controller. My DAW is Pro Tools Express (Pro Tools in the future) on a Apple iMac system. I'm I going to face any kind of problem/limitation (I know MX is associated with Cubase that I'm not going to use). If any, which kind of problem/limitation? Tks!
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Bad Mister
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We highly recommend that you try Cubase AI when you get your MX... just use your own ears - don't take my word or anyone else's word for the sound you get from audio recorded to each. Then you make up your mind.

Yes, you will face problems and limitations - that is the nature of all things computer and music. But it is nothing that cannot be overcome, however. We cannot really be specific because we have no idea what you expect to do (and you will not miss something that you don't know exists) so we'll leave the workflow items for you to discover, as you go.

The MX has built-in templates for working with Cubase, Logic Pro, Sonar and Digital Performer - that means it will be able to act as a REMOTE CONTROL surface for operating these major DAWs...You can open and close windows, operate the transport, search for VSTi, Add Tracks, MUTE, SOLO, etc., etc., from the front panel of your MX. (you do not get this with PTE) It is not for use to talk about the problems and limitations of Pro Tools Express, you will need to discover those on your own. If you are interested in the advantages of using Cubase after your experience with PTE, please come back and let us know, we'd be happy to help you!
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Thank yoy for you kind answer. I'm not a professional (really I'm not a keyboard player, I play the bass guitar - my first one was Yamaha RBX170) and i'm going to use the keyboard for songwriting, arranging and demoing. I understood the limitations refers mainly to the possibility to operate the DAW remotely and in this case it is not a major problem for me. I hope there's no much more behind the corner... but I like the MX and I think I'll purchase it. Just a little more time to think about. Thank you very much!
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