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  3. Monday, 26 March 2018
Why every time my MoXF syncs with the Moxf editor,it removes data of my favorite list (i.e all favorites are removed) ?
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Bad Mister
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Which direction do you have your MOXF Editor set to Sync?
And under what conditions (as a VSTi or standalone)?
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As an VSTi (mostly for editing voices)
All the arrows are pointing towards Moxf from Pc (Pc > Moxf6) in auto sync window
Bad Mister
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Okay, I had to ask to make sure we weren’t dealing with a situation where Editor was “sync’ing” when you didn’t want it or were not expecting it.

Use the “BULK > Data Sync” option when you want manually sync, (works even when you have taken the Editor temporarily OFFLINE).

If you are running the Editor with a DAW (as a VSTi) and you want be able to capture/restore your marked Favorites, make sure the option for VOICE is set Sync from PC > MOXF6 (which you have) - this ensures you will restore the USER VOICES. But just as important before you close the Project make sure you capture “All” data from the MOXF6.

You do so by going to BULK > Data Sync
Here you want to RECEIVE “All” .... if you only have “Current” marked you will store only the current Multi Mix setup and not the Favorites...

The Favorite mark is stored with the VOICE data, so naturally you will need to RECEIVE the User Voice Bank Data. The Preset Favorites are guaranteed to be where they always are... to preserve the User Favorites List you will need to capture the User Banks.

This way when you open the Project, the VST Editor will restore your current mix plus all the User Voices (including Favorites).
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Thank you for the reply !
As per your instructions I first went to bulk, to sync all the data and then went to auto sync so that I could edit voices in song mode.
But after the data synced, my favorites were removed.
Bad Mister
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I’m sorry, “removed” from where?

If you mark Favorites in the software, then you must perform a Sync from computer to the hardware so that everything you marked is marked. If you marked you Favorites in the hardware, then you must capture those with the software. It’s that simple and that complex.

If you marked them in the software, then restore them to the hardware.
If you marked them in the hardware, then capture them in the software.
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They were removed from synth
The problem was I did not captured them in software i.e the arrow was from PC to moxf
Then I reversed it
Now its properly synced
Thank you ! :)
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