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  3. Tuesday, 02 June 2020
One of my Allen side Screws came lose and got lost. And for the life of me I literally can't find the right size. I've bought so many from Amazon and eBay and non have fit.

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OR DIRECT ME TO THE RIGHT ALLEN SCREWS??? IMG_02062020_201401_(4400_x_3300_pixel).jpg IMG_02062020_201544_(4100_x_3100_pixel).jpg
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Yamaha Parts 24x7 would help you waste less on the wrong screws. Hardware (as in hardware store nuts and bolts) tends not to be too costly. Even for a "dealer" part (car analogy).


You can also purchase the service manual which should have the correct specs for the screw - but I would personally (and have before) call up the parts team and have them look up the part, order it, and have it shipped.

Maybe also invest in Loctite and paint the threads to prevent future losses. Understand I'm not saying it's your fault for not using Loctite in the first place - but good preventative measures now that you're dealing with putting new ones in. Once bitten and all that ...
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