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  1. Rafal
  3. Sunday, 29 January 2017
Hello, I loaded XS libraries to Montage and some voices are missed (no sound), for example sweet tenor, sweet flute....Conversion problem ? It'seems some waveforms are missed during conversion.
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Yes, Bad Mister, "XSpand Your World"...Your're right: "Sweet Flute" is part of Montage ROM but "Sweet Pan" and many others are not
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Bad Mister
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Please remind me which XS Library contained "Sweet Tenor" and "Sweet Flute"?

There are some Waveform that will not be converted from some of the Libraries (because they are in a format translatable by the XS but not through to Montage or they were copy protected). But many of the XS Library made it through to the Montage ROM, certainly Sweet Flute did, so you may not even have to worry about the data that didn't translate.

Inspiration in a Flash was for the XF. Probably "XSpand Your World"... I'm guessing.
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Known issue - unknown timetable for remedy.

Frankly, many of the IIAF sounds are not converting properly either due to the nature of the original data storage method or a bug in the conversion process. This is still to be determined.

Often rehashed

Yamaha has mentioned taking a look at the inspiration in a flash (IIAF) issue. This is a problem with compatibility of certain waveform encodings. I see that every once and a while if there's a need for a particular portion of IIAF that enough people say they need (and also not already redundant within Montage) - then easysounds will provide a custom conversion.

There are other threads which walk through the same territory.
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