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  1. Tyron
  2. Sherlock Holmes The Voice
  4. Friday, 12 August 2016
Bit off topic but I have just built my first patch/performance. I followed Xephyon's YouTube tutorials and began to understand the architecture and what is actually possible with the frame work provided by Yamaha.

To be honest in a musical sense, my first attempt was terrible however I searched and found a couple of AWM2 wave forms to use as building blocks so was happy for that. I created 2 parts, consisting of x2 elements each (remember each part can contain 8 elements) did a bit of filtering, pitch change, added fxs etc and the sound was HUGE!!! I mean there was depth an clarity and raw power just bubbling under the hood. Just for a bit o context I have an Access Virus and if I had made a similar patch I'm pretty sure I'd be running out of polyphony pretty sharpish all that and bear in mind I haven't even touched FM yet!!

To those who are worried about 2 synth engines (me) not analog enough (me) please take some time to get to know and master this synth because she is an absolute BEAST.

Right I'm back in my cave to delve a little deeper.
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