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  4. Sunday, 03 December 2017
When Montage CONNECT saves a Performance in an X7B file, does that file include User Arps used by that Performance?
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Bad Mister
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No. User Arps are not included in the .X7B (nor are User Curves drawn for the MSeq). Neither are User Waveforms

This makes the .X7B File good for personal use in all cases (because it will Reference *your* MONTAGE)... But not so useful in sharing data with others without the data Stored in your system’s folders, the Bulk will not include data stored separately on your MONTAGE.

Go to [UTILITY] > “Contents” > “Data Utility” > here you will see your User Data Folders... Preset Arps are in fixed number locations shared by every MONTAGE on the planet. Your User Arp Folder is unique and the data in it is not shared in the Bulk File of an individual Performance (which could reference any number of User Arps)

In order to share with someone else, data like User Arps and User MS Curves, you would need to save as a User File .x7U so that the User Folders containing the actual Arp and MS Data is also included. However for use at home, the .X7B is a convenient way to archive your personal data... when using it in Cubase your files are automatically placed in the MediaBay
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What's saved in X7B is documented in the data listing as the MIDI dump information. You can see there are no addresses for *high, mid, low) for user data.
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I think this would be a very useful feature to add to Montage CONNECT in some future release.

I understand that an X7U file can be used to share something with someone else, but then you're sharing the entire contents of your Montage, which may not always be practical or desirable.
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