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  1. Ken
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  3. Saturday, 13 June 2020
After purchasing a YC61 I have every voice I need for performing except.... only one voice which is an authentic wood flute voice such as in the MODX series. My Question is does anyone know of a small synth that can create that particular sound? Any synth you know of?
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"Wood Flute" is one of those sounds that's also part of Motif XS and Motif XF. Something like the Yamaha MX49 also has "Wood Flute" as part of its presets. Not sure the MX49 small enough of keyboard to fit what you're looking for.

Totally unrelated to wood flutes: the MX49 also unlocks the iOS FM app so you'd possibly double up on FM (in addition to YC's) if you add an iOS device.
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