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  1. Thor
  2. CP4/40
  3. Tuesday, 08 September 2020
Wireless MIDI on CP4; Is the Yamaha MD-BT01 compitable with the Yamaha CP4, so that it can used with for example ForScore (programchange) and Garageband on iPad?
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Bad Mister
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Bluetooth wireless MIDI adaptor for connecting instruments with MIDI IN/OUT terminals to your iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) or Mac. Simple and easy wireless connection of instruments with MIDI IN/OUT terminals to iOS devices and Mac makes it easy to use a wide range of music applications wirelessly for even more enjoyable performing and composing.

The CP4 Stage has both a 5-pin MIDI In and MIDI Out port, which is all that is necessary on the instrument hardware side of things. You must check on the iOS /Mac software side — your selected software must be equipped with the ability to use BlueTooth wireless as a MIDI communication bus. This can vary application-to-application.

Check the documentation of the software you intend to use — you want to know if BlueTooth wireless is supported for MIDI In/Out.
The MD-BT01 is a MIDI adapter.

Hope that helps.
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Thanks; it's working just fine for me now :-)
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