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  1. Dov
  2. YC Series Stage Keyboards
  3. Thursday, 18 February 2021
What’s the largest size flash drive that the YC series will support?
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Probably totally irrelevant because the amount of YC data is so small, how many voice programs would you possibly require in your entire lifetime? You can store 160 onboard. I wonder how many thousands can fit on a $20 thumb drive.
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Found the answer. I’m using a 32GB SD with a USB adapter. This worked for both my YC61 and CP4 (in fact I saved the data for both on the same SD card, which was my intention).

David, I’m doing this because I want backups of as much of my gear as possible in one place. If I can, I’ll also backup my Waldorf Blofeld, TC Helicon VoiceLive 3 Extreme and my new BeatBuddy to the same card. Then I’ll do it again on another card.

Anyone with my decades of experience in IT knows that gear is not to be trusted. Having backups is like bringing an umbrella with you (that’s when it doesn’t rain!).
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