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  4. Wednesday, 15 September 2021
This deal is too good to go unnoticed. If you bought a Yamaha AG03 or AG06 mixing interface, I hope you saved (or used) the Cubase AI download access code. It's your ticket to a free copy of Steinberg Wavelab Cast.

Yamaha added Wavelab Cast to the AG series software bundle during August 2021:


Fortunately, I'm a pack-rat and saved all the paperwork with the AG06. Wavelab Cast looks to be a fast way to touch up live recordings among other uses.

Cash in -- pj

Music technology blog: sandsoftwaresound.net
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FYI - Currently a major retailer currently has Wavelab Cast on sale for %50 off for $35. So if you do not have an AG and still are interested in Wavelab Cast - $35 outright may not be a bad deal. Sale claims 8 days left from today (9/15).
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Thanks, Jason!

That "major retailer" often carries sales concurrently with manufacturer/developer sales. So, folks can find Wavelab Cast at a discount through Steinberg during their soon-to-end Summer sale. It's nice to have choice. :)

-- pj
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A bit on a tangent (just speaking about Steinberg deals in general now) - but I finally upgraded Cubasis since the price was right.

I've got an MD-BT01 so the "free" (LE) version of Cubasis gets unlocked for non-trial use.

Then Cubasis LE has an upgrade to full Cubasis 3 that happened to be less expensive than the sale price of Cubasis.

Dorico also has interesting offerings in the free/limited category to start to get a feel for how the notation offerings work. Dorico for iPad is interesting since (arguably) feature-wise it's currently a bit ahead of the desktop version. Free will keep you from "engraving" options - which will eventually (... quickly) become a hinderance. But still what you can get with little/no investment is substantial.
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