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  1. James
  2. MODX
  3. Friday, 22 May 2020
Hello All,

I hope someone can help me, I record video's via my webcam which has the MIC setup for MODX (LINE) and in the past until recently recorded the MODX and any inputs (Mics into the Modx) also VST's. This was great but now all it records is the MODX sound not VST sounds so playing live and recording I am missing out of VST's, no idea why it would stop working as it did anyone help me? I have tried re installing drivers but no luck. I have Cubase AI setup for yamaha Asio.......


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Hi Jason,

Thanks for the reply!
I managed to sort it by adding 'digital out' and removing 'main out' just the way it works with my setup via camera/mic etc :)


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I'm guessing your audio routing was

Cubase/VST--(USB)------->MODX ----Main L&R --> You and audience can hear everything (mic, keyboard, VST)
MIC--(Line IN) -------------> (MODX) ---(USB digital out, specifically USB Main L/R) --> PC --> Webcam audio input --> Software records webcam and at one time this worked

If that's the routing then if you hear the VST in Main L&R - then your USB is working OK or the VST wouldn't work (be heard) anywhere.

Are you hearing the VST out your Main L&R channels (analog outputs, 1/4" unbalanced outs on the back of MODX). If so - that same audio should arrive over the digital channel and it would be strange not to have the VST delivered along with everything else you hear on Main L&R.

Or did the VST audio drop out altogether? Which would indicate more along the lines of an input (to MODX) issue.

And there's not another audio interface in the picture? Just MODX, your computer, and a USB cable.
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