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  3. Thursday, 03 October 2019

Is there alternative place to download Voicelist for mx49mx61?

downloadpage working, but when try download it says:

Not Found

The requested URL /files/download/software/4/312394/mx49mx61_Voicelist.zip was not found on this server.

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Are you asking for the Data List? If so, that is MX Data List.
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No, it is not the MX Data List, which is PDF giving a list of all the voices and performances on the MX49/61/88. However it is Data. It is the info which Cubase and the John Melas editors need so that you can access the various parts in order to edit them.

I have come across the same exact problem. I haven't actually tried Cubase yet, but have tried in vain to use the Melas MX Voice Editor. Unfortunately, although the synth connects with the editor automatically, the list of parts or voices which it displays doesn't match what is actually on the MX61, which means that I can't actually edit anything.

I would love to know if the voice list is available from anywhere else.
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I have finally found a good link, if that helps: https://usa.yamaha.com/support/updates/58043_en.html

So now i have the voice list, and lo and behold the John Melas Voice Editor now works. Sort of.

I thought I could just go into the editor and call up (or down) a list from the keyboard and then pick a voice and start editing. It doesn't seem to work like that, but i can select the voice on the keyboard, and then bring it into the editor, and then it works just fine. i haven't managed to save to the keyboard from the editor as yet, coming up against the same mismatch of file names and locations, so I have to go through a normal save process on the keyboard. But now I have access to loads of new parameters I didn't even know existed pre John Melas!!
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