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  1. Michael
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  3. Monday, 15 March 2021
I am new to playing the keyboard. Someone gave me a MOX8 and I have been trying to get it to play through my Asus pc with Windows 10 which I have finally managed to do. I do not have an amp yet so I have been using headphones. The PC is connected to a surround sound system. While connected to the pc, the sound out of the PC through the surround sound system from the MOX8 is just plain piano. Even though the "Voice" that is showing on the display is "MO Xpressive" and through the headphones I hear a drum beat and the keys sound similar to an organ. Can anyone help me with this so I can hear on my PC what I hear from the headphones instead of just a plain piano voice. Hopefully, this makes sense to someone.
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Bad Mister
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The MOX8 will not sound through your computer speakers. The MOX8 is an audio interface, plug your headphones into the MOX8 if/when you want to hear the MOX8
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Connect pair of quality Monitor speakers to your MOX8 Left/Right Outputs.

What you are hearing is not your MOX8, but some sound set that came with the computer.
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