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  3. Sunday, 19 March 2017
How can I download a voice sample for an instrument called BALABON?
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Do you mean the balaban - the ethnic blown reed instrument??. No results when Googled balabon :)

If so there are samples on the free MOXF Inspiration In A Flash sound library.
User 3 1 A01 Balaban Ethnc Blown
User 3 2 A02 Airy Balaban Ethnc Blown
User 3 3 A03 Stereo Balaban Ethnc Blown
User 3 4 A04 Balaban Touch Glide Ethnc Blown

You need a flash memory card installed though as it uses either 1 or 2 specific waveforms.
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Thanks a lot.
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I didn't really know from your reply if that was the instrument you required :)
I've since found that there is also the Balafon - an ethnic African wooden xylophone??

Unfortunately there are no samples on any free sound libraries that I'm aware of.
However it is on the Digital Sound Factory Motif World Xpedition collection -
011(A11) Balafon Trem AF
022(B06) Balafon Trem Vel
060(D12) Balafon
061(D13) Balafon Tremolo
062(D14) Balafon Natural C3
063(D15) Balafon Natural Trem
Once again you'd need a flash memory card installed for the waveforms.

You could always try tweaking a marimba voice or similar....:)

The other option is to download the samples from the web and make your own voices using Melas Waveform editor.
Google "balafon sample" for websites - the free Hugo Kant download has many individual note samples in .aiff format
You would then have to spend time and effort doing the work, however it is rewarding.
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