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  1. Gabi
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  4. Monday, 24 October 2016
Hi, I´m looking into the effects and dont understand what´s up with VAR. I´m in EDIT common (of the whole performance, not the part) - EFFECT - ROUTING - and I click VAR ON. No matter what effect I choose there, nothing happens. Why not? On the part level, the same processus does produce effects. I don´t understand. (Using an INIT performance, but that doesn´t matter, it never works with any performance whatsoever)
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just figured it out, gotta turn up the VAR SENDs in MIXING! Now the next question: why can´t I delete an obsolete post in this forum?
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Bad Mister
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The Reverb and Variation Effects are the so called System Effects. Each Part, including the A/D Input Part, have a SEND to the System Effects. They work exactly like two Aux Sends from each channel on a mixer. Within a Drum Kit Part you can route signal on a per drum Key basis. If you set the Reverb Send to 0 on the Kick drum, it will not matter that you increase the Send amount on the Drum Kit Part. Only those individual Keys with some Send amount will be adjusted by the overall Kit Send. Allowing you to add reverb to just the drums you want to have reverb, and none on others you may not.

The Sends to the System Effects disappear, when you isolate a Part to an assignable Output.
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