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  4. Thursday, 01 November 2018
Using a Yamaha MX synth as a source, I don't know if this is a Cubase or MX problem. I want to use more than one drum part & kit in an MX performance while recording in Cubase AI 9.5. When I set up MX drum maps in Cubase for both tracks on two MIDI channels (say, 10 & 11), the MX drum part on channel 11 changes its drum kit to the one on channel 10 (if I remove the drum map on channel 11, the MX kit reverts to the one I chose). How do I get two different MX drum maps, one for each kit?
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If you wish to use two different Drum Kits in the MX, you can set that up in the MX.
You can put any Voice in any of the 16 Parts of the MX Performance... you can use as many Drum Kit Voices as you desire.

See the PDF "Data List" booklet pages 10-22 to view the Drum Maps of the MX's 61 DrumKits.

If you do not have the Data List booklet you can download from the MX49/61/88 Product page on your region Yamaha.com website.
Navigate to the MX Product and click on the "Downloads" link.
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