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  1. Vinesh
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Thursday, 12 March 2020
Hi I have the MOXF6. So i'm planning to buy the Alesis Vortex 2 Keytar and I want to use a particular voice that's there on my MOXF in this vortex keytar..
is there any way to do that wirelessly. Like I have heard the vortex 2 can be used wirelessly with the help of Laptop. So how to get the tone on moxf to my Laptop in order to use it on my keytar?
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Bad Mister
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The MOXF Voices are MOXF Voices (they do not go anywhere). The MOXF sound will always come out of the MOXF Outputs! Always!

You can *trigger* them using a MIDI connection from an external controller or a computer.

You simply need to connect your MOXF to your computer. To do so, you need a USB cable to connect the MOXF’s “To Host” port to your computer.
You need to download and install the “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver” appropriate for your computer type and operating system.
This driver will handle both MIDI and Audio communication between the MOXF and the computer.

You will need to connect the Main L&R Outputs of the MODX to your sound system. All sounds (including those made by the computer) will be output through the MOXF outputs!
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