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  1. Barry
  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
  3. Wednesday, 07 April 2021
When I first got into synths in the 80s, the Yamaha TX-816 was the holy grail. It was a rack that could take up to 8 TF-1 modules. Fully loaded it was, in essence: 8 rack-mounted DX-7's that could be split and layered for really rich and exciting sounds. Pair with a KX-88 or KX-76 controller and sprinkle some reverb (OK a lot of reverb) and its was 80's heaven!

Relive the glory days with a Montage or MODX!

1. Download DX-7 patches
2. Convert them
3. Load them onto your synth
4. Add these single part DX-7 sounds one by one to a performance

That's it!

Couple tricks:
1. Add reverb or other effects to liven up the sound
2. Load the SAME DX-7 sound into 2-4 parts. Edit to detune each part a couple cents apart. This will really thicken up a thin sound!
3. Mix types of sounds, like a bell or plucked sound layered with a pad or slow string.
4. Remember to leave part 8 open if you want load in the RX-11 kit and jam!

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