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  4. Thursday, 09 June 2016
Hi all - Today I'm a proud MOXF6 owner and am delighted! I've had a Motif XF7 for several years, adding the MOXF as a lightweight travel rig. Because its 61, I need to be able to play some sounds (voices) from an external midi controller. I want to also play voices using the MOXF6 keyboard at the same time.

Is there a simplified instruction of how to do just this? Where can I learn how to set up for this - I've read about Master mode, Songs, Zones, etc., and am left confused, I confess. (I never mastered this workflow in my XF7, now I need to).

Scenario 1:
Play 2 voices on MOXF61 keys (split somewhere)
Play 2 voices via an external keyboard connected to MOXF Midi In, Voice 2a vs 2b defined by key range (e;g split) in MOXF6?

Do I have to be in Song mode? Does it matter if Song or Pattern for live performance (not playing any recorded tracks)? I'm not limited to 4 voices as I was with Performance mode. Starting with 2 voices in each board will be enough, I can extrapolate ... :)

All help much appreciated!

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Bad Mister
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Scenario 1:
Play 2 voices on MOXF61 keys (split somewhere)
Play 2 voices via an external keyboard connected to MOXF Midi In, Voice 2a vs 2b defined by key range (e;g split) in MOXF6?
Playing two Parts on the MOXF is easy and done by placing the Voices into two Parts of Mixing setup - simply place them on the same MIDI channel.
Call up a blank Song or Pattern
Press [MIXING]
Press [EDIT]
Press [1] to select Part1
Press [F1] VOICE
Press [SF1] VOICE
Place the Voices you want to play as a split in Parts 1 and 2
Press [SF2] MODE
set both to Receive Channel 1
Set the NOTE LIMITS to create your split.
This will allow you to play on the MOXF keys and trigger both sounds when you select the Track [1] button.

Playing on your external controller you can play any MOXF Parts by transmitting on the MIDI Channel of the MOXF Parts, for example if you want to play a sound on MIDI channel 3 place that sound in Part 3 as Part 3 defaults to Midi receive channel 3.

If, however, you wish to trigger two sounds split on the MOXF from an external controller setting a split point on the MOXF will not work. The MOXF split point is for the MOXF keys. Your external keyboard will need to transmit on two channels simultaneously and set its own transmit split point.
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Thanks BM! Someone recommended I set the voice I want to trigger via external board to Channel 1. Does this make sense to you - being the all-knowing all-experienced master of industry, I of course always look to you.

Could it be helpful to have an external voice set to Channel 1 (e.g. would most boards default to transmit key on/off messages on Channel 1 if I were to just set local control = off)? Think of the scenario - I'm flying in to town X with my MOXF6 and some midi 5-pin cables, and the venue must have a midi-compatible controller board. They may tell me in advance what the board is, but I may not know anything about it.
Bad Mister
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Thanks for the kind words, but it is just that I can usually figure out some solution, it is not always the only solution, and sometimes there may even be better ways. I have learned long ago (and I say it often) 'there is usually more ways than one to work'. It is really dependent on just what and how you wind up approaching it. (These are creative tools and answers are general more often than not...)

The MOXF will naturally default to Track 1 anytime you are using the SONG or PATTERN multi-timbral mode, and for no other reason than it has to default to one of the 16 Tracks to transmit through - it is pretty natural that "1" was selected. But if you are comfortable changing the TRACK SELECT button because (naturally) you know your MOXF will be consistent... and since the 'wildcard' is going to be whatever controller they provide, you are wise to perhaps go with that recommendation. Because quite naturally if an external controller is only going to transmit on a single channel, and you may not even be able to figure out how to change it (without a manual) I think it very wise to assume the controller will boot up transmitting on channel 1. It makes sense.

You can use any PARTS you desire for when you are playing the MOXF keys, just set the PARTs to RECEIVE on same channel number. Say you use Parts 3 and 4, you could set both PARTS to RECEIVE CHANNEL 3, so when you sit at the MOXF, just touch TRACK 3 to transmit to both PARTS... Or any two PARTS you desire.
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Side/related questiond: In my XF7 I've created a library of Performances, utilizing Preset and User (customized) voices. But I also added alot of offsets in Performance Parts (often easier than editing the underlying Voices).

Q: In Song/Pattern (Mixing) mode, do I have all of these same Part offset options that are in Performance mode? some of the things I tweak alot are attack, release, decay, cutoff/res, part velocity response, part response to sustain pedal, mod wheel, pitch bend, etc ... so forth - the basic Part settings I can tweak in Performance model.

Q: (if yes) Is there an easy way to import these performance part settings to a Song/Pattern Part 1-4 (to use in Mixing mode per your instructions before) - can I copy a Performance to a Song and it will set up Parts 1-4 as I had them set up in Perf with all the offsets etc,?

I only need to do this for about 25 songs, and I have a few weeks to get it done, so if its a manual effort and can't be copied but the parameters are available - I can churn through it
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BM - hold on this - I think I found my answers:

1. Yes - i seem to have all of the basic Performance part edit abilities.
2. I think I know how to copy Performance Parts into a mixing program/song.

I'll play around and return with more focused questions. I still have finish my XF user files cleanup before I transfer to MOXF, I have banks of unneeded unused Voices, and more tragically, alot of unneeded waveforms on flash. Time to do a thorough XF housecleaning before I propagate it to siblings.
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