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  1. Tony
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Sunday, 08 April 2018
Hey Guys.

I thought this would be a simple task, but so far I haven't come up with a decent solution.

Basically, I want to send and receive wireless MIDI from/to my MIDI Keyboard controller (Arturia KL88), Motif Rack XS and iPad.

I'm using the Yamaha BT-01 for my wireless transmit/receive device, and it works great IF I am using USB mode on the Rack XS, but I'm really trying to avoid having to bring my computer (and the complex setup that goes with it) to a live gig.

As you probably already know, you have to at least plug the OUT end into a powered MIDI 5-pin din receptacle, but I"m pretty sure I'm also going to need the IN port as well. So, if you plug the IN/OUT plugs to the MIDI controller, how does the Rack XS send/receive MIDI? If you plug it into the Rack XS, how does the MIDI controller send/receive MIDI? It's almost like I need two of them, but I don't think that they would talk to each other...

I've also purchased lots of other interesting devices in the hopes of coming up with a solution, but have not been successful as of yet. For example, I thought for sure if I got the iConnectMIDI4+ that I could plug my iPad lighting connector into the USB port, and plug the Rack XS and MIDI Controller to its 5-pin DIN plugs, and then use their app to act as a MIDI traffic controller. No luck there.

I also tried using MIDI Solutions Quadra Merge and Router but no luck there either. I also tried using the Presonus AudioBox iTwo but it doesn't help.

Has anybody out there ever been successful with getting this type of scenario working?
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Bad Mister
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Hey Tony,
There is a MD-BT01, and a UD-BT01.

Did you miss what they do:
"Bluetooth wireless MIDI adaptor for connecting instruments with MIDI IN/OUT terminals to your iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) or Mac"

There is always going to be a computer or iOS device used in your configuration... you can be wireless between that one device and the computer
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As always, Phil, thanks for the quick reply on my post.

I am simply hoping that another user who has successfully gotten a similar configuration working regardless of the specific products used.

Reading between the lines, my post is simply stating "I've tried all kinds of things and have not been successful."

That being established, I"m open to any and all ideas.Perhaps I'll put a similar post on Motifator to reach out to the general user base.

BTW, I also opened a support request with the folks over at iConnect, and will report back here if anything relevant is learned.

Hope that's cool.
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