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  3. Tuesday, 17 March 2020
With my live band I have a drum-mix output from our mixer connected to one of my MODX8 AD inputs which is awesome when I'm working with arps and more allowing our live drummer control the tempo and thereby the arps.
I'm using this feature more and more but now I want to have a vocoder in a performance which already is using one of the AD inputs for the drum-mix.
I've been using the vocoder effect on different performances with no problems worth mentioning but then I have only been using one of the two inputs.

My question is this: Is it possible to use L input to control the tempo for arps and the R input to use the vocoder at the same time without them effecting each other?

Best regards,
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Bad Mister
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No. The best way to think about the A/D Input is: There is one Input, it can accommodate a Mono or a Stereo Input.

If you plug different signals into the L and R inputs, they share the same Gain control - so to treat the left and the right as separate when they originate in different sources is not really practical. You cannot gain stage the jacks independently. You cannot route them independently.

A/D In Input Mode/Digital In Input Mode
Determines the signal configuration for the A/D Part/Digital Part, or how the signal or signals are routed (stereo or mono).
Settings: L Mono, R Mono, L+R Mono, Stereo
L Mono: Only the L channel is used.
R Mono: Only the R channel is used.
L+R Mono: The L and R channels are mixed and processed in mono.
Stereo: Both the L and R channels are used.
NOTE: The sound input only from the [L/MONO] channel is processed in mono.
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Thanks for the answer.
Not exactly what I hoped for but thanks :D
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