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  4. Thursday, 10 December 2015
In some previous post somebody wrote about how to use MOXF as an analog synth.
Now I'd like to ask: is there a way to link the 8 elements and make them interact like operators of a FM Synth?
I know there are waveform (both preset and on sale) of FM synths, but, maybe I am dreaming, I'd like to play with MOXF like if it was a DX7, using elements like Operators.
is it possible somehow, even indirectly?
Thank you
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Unfortunately you can't use an element to modulate another element. The only synth I know which is capable of something like this is the MOD-7 engine of the Kronos from Korg. On the downside it is said that this synth takes quite a time to boot up :)
But if you want do do something really freaky with your MOXF, you can actually turn it into a rudimentary 32 voice additive synth by using the sinewave sample for all 8 elements and tune them to the first 8 harmonics for example. Or you can set them to inharmonic values for more bell-like tones.
Then you have individual control over each harmonic with the elements amp EG and if you use the common LFO with different phase settings per element you can make really freaky sounds just in case your friends ever call that MOXF a rompler again ;)
Bad Mister
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is it possible somehow, even indirectly?
No. Not even indirectly.
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