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  1. Tobi
  2. CP4/40
  3. Saturday, 08 April 2017
Hey there

I'm pretty new to all that MIDI business and therefore I have some issues.
I got some different VST sounds saved in Cubase, which I'd like to use with my CP4 Stage as a MIDI Keyboard.
Now if I have my CP4 connected to my computer via USB MIDI, is there also a possibility to use the internal sounds from the CP4? For example as a split, lower half an internal Rhodes and upper half a VST sound from Cubase? If yes, how do I do that?
And if I put the VST sounds in Cubase on different midi channels in order to be able to switch between them on my CP4, how do I do that? In the Master Keyboard settings? I tried putting on ZoneSW in Masterkbd Zone1 and there switch to channel 2, but it didn't play the sound I saved on midi channel 2 in Cubase. What are those 4 different zones in this master keyboard settings?

Thanks for any help!
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Bad Mister
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I realize that I cannot answer the question without information about the VST you are attempting to communicate with.

You say you placed the VSTi on Channel 2, how did you do that? Is it a multi-channel VST or did you just set the VSTi MIDI Track OUT to 2? (That will not necessarily work). Many VSTi are designed to receive *any* incoming MIDI Channel and have no facility to limit MIDI incoming signal to just a specific region. Meaning you will need two things:
1) set the MIDI transmit range to a specific region in order to create the split
2) set the VSTi to receive on just one specific channel, or use a MIDI FILTER to restrict the data that is allowed to pass

In general, you can use the CP4 Stage as your controller with Local Control set to Off. What happens to the signal on the channel you are sending in will very much depend on the receiving VST, and/or the capabilities of the DAW.

What are those 4 different zones in this master keyboard settings?
They allow the CP4 Stage User to transmit MIDI data to four separate devices. The receiving device (typically hardware) can be set to receive on a particular channel. And the Zones will transmit data as configured in the Zone Settings.

I say 'typically' hardware because unlike software synths, hardware usually always has the ability to select a specific Receive Channel. Many VSTi do not.
The problem with using a computer as a piece of hardware is, it can vary greatly depending on the particular software and its ability to filter data.

We'll need a bit more information on what you have. There are simply too many variables.
The good news is, with software there are always "fixes"... usually another piece of software that allows you to make up for things a VSTi may lack.

Sorry, I don't have a CP4 Stage setup just now, but would still need to know what version of Cubase, and which specific VSTi and the method by which you set the Receive Channel.

For example, Cubase Pro includes the INPUT TRANSFORMER. A programmable function to filter MIDI data by channel. This makes it easy to endure the VSTi is only responding to the control data you intend for that VSTi
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