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  1. Aaron
  2. S70/90XS
  3. Wednesday, 22 May 2019
I'm hoping that someone can confirm something for me:

I'm running a sequencer outputting midi data via USB to the S90 which is intended to continue out of the S90's MIDI OUT via Port 3.

Is there any way to do the same thing but to send data directly to the MIDI THRU output of the S90?

The manual says:
Port 3
This port is used as the MIDI Thru Port.
The MIDI data received over Port 3 via the USB TO HOST terminal will be re-transmitted to an external MIDI device via the MIDI OUT terminal.

But is doesn't mention anything about how to direct midi data from a DAW to the MIDI THRU terminal. Is this possible or do I just need to get a midi splitter and hook it up to the MIDI OUT output?

Thanks for your time.
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Bad Mister
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MIDI data entering the S90 XS via USB will trigger the 90 XS on Port 1, and feed MIDI data discreetly to the 5-pin MIDI Out jack if it is designated “Yamaha S90XS/S70 XS-3 Port 3” in the DAW. For this to be the case MIDI I/O = USB

MIDI data arriving at the S90 XS’s 5-pin MIDI In is automatically available at the 5-pin MIDI THRU. For this to be the case MIDI I/O = MIDI
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Thank you for your quick reply.

Your reply suggests that I can't have MIDI coming from a DAW over USB that goes out both MIDI OUT and MIDI THRU at the same time. Is this correct?

I'm currently sending MIDI data via Port 3 to two devices from the S90 MIDI OUT terminal (with a Y-splitter midi cable) and now I'm wondering about adding a third device. It seems that I will need another MIDI splitter if I'm correct in understanding what you wrote.

Thanks again.
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