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  4. Monday, 11 October 2021
I have an MOXF6 and a Yamaha P-125. The P-125 has a USB slot but nothing else. The MOXF has MIDI (5pin) In and Out. I'm wanting to interface the P-125 with the MOXF so that the P-125 is essentially a graded-weighted action controller and the superior MOXF piano voices can be used in an existing Mix.

Is this possible to do? I see MIDI to USB cables intended for plugging into a computer. And they claim Bi-Directionality. But I'm not going into a computer and do not want to use a computer. This leads me to think that I need some kind of conversion box that processes the MIDI from the P-125 and sends it to the MOXF via two 5-pin cables.

That's about the extent of my understanding and so I could use some recommendations for the proper adapter cable (if there is such a thing) AND/OR a reasonably priced box.

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Yes, you need some kind of conversion box... specifically you need a device that acts as a USB Host, since unlike 5-pin MIDI (which is basically designed so you can directly plug any piece into any other), you cannot directly connect one USB slave device to another, and neither of your keyboards has a host function (though Montage/MODX are some of the few keyboards that do). Normally the host is a computer of some sort (it could even be an iPad/iPhone), but there are also standalone USB Host MIDI interfaces designed for this purpose. A popular one is the Kenton -- https://kentonuk.com/product/midi-usb-host-mk3/ -- they were among the first to make such a device and have a good reputation for support. There are also less expensive ones, like the one at https://amzn.to/3aA7ft2
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