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  1. Cameron
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  3. Friday, 30 December 2016
Hi guys,

I urgently need to know if I can do this with my MOXF8 please (latest firmware, recently has been factory restored):

1. store one voice (e.g. the Full Concert Grand voice on button A1) with a transposing or note shift value of something like -1
2. then store another copy of this exact same voice (a duplicate, on another button like A2) with a different transposing value of -2, etc.
3. repeat as many times as needed

If this isn't possible, can you edit a voice and save the transposing/note shift changes, then store it? Is it that you can only store one voice with its transposing/note shift value edited and you can't store multiple versions of the same voice at all (e.g. duplicates)? Please help!

All I want to do is be able to switch between patches really quickly that are already transposed (to match songs in a set), but I'd love to know more asap please!


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Bad Mister
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Take your time. The answer is yes. But you have to understand the difference between TRANSPOSE and NOTE SHIFT.

While musically speaking these accomplish the same thing, they are defined differently in the MOXF.
TRANSPOSE is a function of transmitting. You can Transpose the Keyboard
NOTE SHIFT is a function of receiving. You can Note Shift the Tone Generator

Significantly, the Keyboard transmits so the result of TRANSPOSE travels Out via MIDI.
The Tone Generator receives so the result of NOTE SHIFT does not affect things Out via MIDI.

You only have one Keyboard - so when you Transpose it is global for the entire MOXF
You can store settings for the Tone Generator in each USER "PART"... So you can Note Shift each instance a different amount for the specific purpose. You do so by placing the Voice in a "PART". A PART is an entity that contains a Voice and a complete set of parameter 'offsets' to that Voice. These offsets can be stored and recalled. Same as when you want Split the keyboard, you place a Voice in a Part, then you offset the key range (Note Limits) that addresses the Voice in that Part. Parts can be found in Performance mode and Song/Pattern MIXING modes... the modes where you can address more than one Voice at a time.

What you will do is place the Voice in a Part, then Note Shift the Part the distance you require. You can setup a Song or Pattern MIXING setup to contain your Parts.

Why a Mixing setup and not a Performance? Because you can easily select a single Part to play in a Mixing. In a Performance all four Parts are triggered together.

Here's how:

The parameter you want is NOTE SHIFT.
Select SONG or PATTERN mode
Press [MIXING]
Press [EDIT]
Press [1] to view Parts 1-4
Press [F1] VOICE
Press [SF1] VOICE
Place the same Voice in each of first four Parts
Then you can set each to the Note Shift value you desire

Press [F4] TONE
Press [SF1] TUNE
Leave Part 1 at NOTE SHIFT = +0
Set Part 2 to the distance you require
Set Part 3 to the next distance you require
And so on... you can use Parts 5-8 if you require more than four.

Name and STORE your Song/Pattern setup the title of the composition you're using this for.
When you recall this setup use the numbered [TRACK] buttons to move to your Note Shifted Parts as necessary. You can seamlessly move between these Parts. In other words there will be no sound interruption when you select a Part.
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Fantastic info, thanks BadMister!

As I was in a bit of a hurry yesterday, I actually used another method (although the one you've described sounds good as it's seamless - perfect for a medley or a complex composition that requires lots of changes).

Here's what I did:

1. Found the Full Concert Grand voice and note shifted is by a certain amount
2. Renamed this note shifted voice to the name of the song in the set-list
3. Stored it

I will experiment with parts more in the future though, as it may be better to do it that way.


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