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  1. Peter
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Sunday, 28 May 2017
I just upgraded from Firmware V1.50 to V1.51 after taking all necessary backups as the instruction reads. After the upgrade all Libraries and User Data appear to be intact, although I have not tested each and every aspect of the contents. Should I manually initialize the Library and User storage and re-load the backups, or can I assume that it is all OK as it appears to be?

Thanks for your help.
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User feedback has been that v1.50 to v1.51, due to how related they are, do not require restoration of backups. Some say you do not need to backup at all (I don't agree - any excuse for a backup is positive). I'd say it's good that you have a backup of your Montage to file away. Otherwise, I think you're set with what you need to do for now.
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Thanks for your reply Jason. I have still not discovered any discrepancies, so it seems to be OK.

I agree fully on the importance of backups - I am seriously fanatic in that area.
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