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  1. Dave
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Wednesday, 06 July 2016
Do you think Yamaha will create more multipart samples instruments like the CFX/ Bosen only in a cello, violin, upright bass, guitar etc?
It would be nice to have additional large sampled multipart acoustic instruments like the ones mentioned above.
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Bad Mister
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When plans are announced, you can anticipate they will be announced here on YamahaSynth.

Given the huge demand for Montage, given that it is a new wrinkle in the technology timeline, given the tremendous potential ... I say it's a safe bet. But you'll have to wait for official announcements.
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It seems like over the course of about 6 weeks I've become a much better musician, just by upgrading from a Motif XF to a Montage.

Sounds like the Bosendorfer Piano are so beautiful that they're captivating all on their own, quite apart from the skill of the player…
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