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  1. Mitch
  2. MOXF
  3. Sunday, 02 October 2016
I have owned my MOXF8 for almost 2 years, mainly enjoying the sounds when plugged into a simple external speaker. This weekend, I decided to try using it to play audio into some recording software on my Mac. I have now spent several hours trying to use the built in "MIDI/audio interface" described as easy and simple to use, for recording both MOXF audio and MIDI data on separate tracks. I have been unable to get audio to register within GarageBand at all, so I moved on to Logic Prox. In Logic I was able to record MIDI information and hear it play back through my external speakers, the sound being routed back through the MIDI/USB cable and out the main outputs of the MOXF. While the MIDI was working on one track, I was still unable to get MOXF audio to be received by any other tracks in Logic ProX. Perhaps you can only use MIDI or audio, but never with the same settings?

After reading several forums and watching videos showing how "simple" it is, I figured the interface may work exclusively with Cubase AI, so I tried installing the Cubase AI software from the disc included with my MOXF. Alas, it is too old to be installed. The updated version of this special edition software is not available unless you go through a hassle of many steps contacting Yamaha and Steinberg. Is Cubase really the only DAW that can be used with the audio features of this instrument? I have read in the manuals and online that other DAW software works with the audio interface, but I cannot make it work at all. I can't imagine having to buy Cubase just to bypass my external audio interface!

Please help me figure out how to make this MIDI/audio interface work with LogicProX, GarageBand, or Reason. How do you set it up to send and receive both MIDI and audio information? Where else can I go for explanations?

I appreciate your help,

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Most likely you have not installed the Steinberg USB driver
download here
after installing on your computer all should work
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Bad Mister
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Please help me figure out how to make this MIDI/audio interface work with LogicProX, GarageBand, or Reason. How do you set it up to send and receive both MIDI and audio information? Where else can I go for explanations?
First, we must address your thought that perhaps it only works with Cubase. If that were true, why then are there built in templates for Logic Pro, Sonar, Digital Performer...? Fact is, it can be used with any DAW software capable of using an ASIO driver. Since the word driver, never appears in your post, we are going to assume you made no attempt to configure the driver in any of the software you have tried.

Setting up Logic Pro X and GarageBand you can get official help from Apple (they are actually responsible for making those two products).
Reason is made by a company called Propellerheads. What you want to do is follow the detailed instructions provided with the program you decide to use.

The setup in all DAW is very similar. There are separate configurations for MIDI and for Audio.

MIDI, as you've discovered, is not really rocket science to setup, it practically does it all by itself.
Audio on the other hands will require you go to Audio setup or Audio option area of your selected DAW, and select the MOXF driver (Port1) as the ASIO driver (Audio Streaming Input Output). Once the driver is selected in the appropriate place, you are now ready to follow the rest of the instructions to use your selected DAW.

If the Cubase setup is any easier, it's because Yamaha owns Steinberg so everything is a known quantity, and the engineers have designed so that when the software recognizes the hardware there is a bit of handshaking that goes on to auto configure the ports.

Unfortunately, you will need to follow the instructions of your selected DAW. And, no, it's no about how to setup the MOXF it's more about how to setup you software. There are scores of devices that can be substituted for the role the MOXF is playing in all of this. For example, the instructions in Logic Pro or Reason might not mention the MOXF specifically, in the case of audio setup they will simply refer to it as your "Audio interface"

I'm sorry, I don't recall the MOXF coming with a disc version of Cubase, by 2013 we were well into the era of the downloadable version of Cubase AI. The DVDs were expensive and since just a little over half users ever install it... So to save everyone money, the DVD went the way of the Dodo. If you have a DVD it may have come with dome other gear you purchased, but it was not with the MOXF.

If you have lost or misplaced your free download access code, and it is too much "hassle" to contact Yamaha for a replacement (?), I guess your option is to read the documentation of the program you wish to use. We can certainly help you on the MOXF side of the setup. But unfortunately we cannot provide you with step by step setup instructions for Logic Pro or Reason as we simply haven't used them in many, many years.

Unless, ...a fellow Logic Pro or Reason user is willing to help you with finding the setup guide in the provided documentation.

What we can tell you is the following:
You need the following driver (since you did not even mention in your post about a driver or even the type of computer or the operating system you are running on that computer)
Driver: Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver for you particular computer type and operating system.

You mention Logic so we are going to assume you are running a Macintosh, is that correct?
Go to http://download.yamaha.com
Select your country
Type in the MODEL NAME: MOXF
When the SEARCH RESULTS appear verify by clicking the Model Name: MOXF6 or MOXF8

The list of items will appear.
Find the most recent version that will ripen on your computer's operating system.

You'll need to read the downloaded Installation Guide, then install the driver.

As mentioned, this driver will handle both MIDI and audio communication between your MOXF and your computer.
You will need to look for it and select it within the software you are running.

It is that simple and that complex. Once you've downloaded, unzipped, read the installtion instructions, and have installed the driver, let us know. Setup of the MOXF is fairly straight ahead - requires a USB cable and a connection to a sound system.
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Dear Bad Mister,

HUGE thanks for this detailed and thoughtful reply. I appreciate it. Pardon me for leaving out important parts of the setting, and for sounding as though I may not have considered some of the things you point out in your reply.

I am using a Macbook Air, running OS 10.11.5 El Capitan. I had already installed the latest Steinberg driver for Mac (v1.9.10), as well as the remote tools. It was after those installations and a restart that I was able to see MIDI info going into software tracks (actually in both Garageband and Logic Pro). We can leave other DAWs out of the discussion now, since it should eventually work with Logic ProX.

You may be right about why I had that old dvd of Cubase- it is marked from 2011. Must've come with another product I purchased. Perhaps I do have the Cubase AI download link in my MOXF documents. The hassle I was referring to was from the Steinberg site, requiring that a receipt be sent, then approved, and then a link to upgrade. If other DAWs are usable, I would rather skip those steps for yet another piece of software, and stick with Logic since I am somewhat familiar.

I know that LogicProX is not the most popular or an industry choice, but I have it and it sounds like should have the basic capabilities of receiving and sending both MIDI and audio information with the MOXF. I am trying to recreate the set up and activity shown in the Yamaha video about the MOXF internal MIDI/Audio interface:
"Yamaha MOX6/MOX8- USB Audio/MIDI Interface"

So, you think my problem may be correctly configuring the MIDI and audio in Logic ProX? I understand that I should seek help from Apple about that product and have actually also combed through their forums. Logic has a very awkward, user-unfriendly system of setting up control surfaces and assigning audio in/outs. I am certain that something is not quite right in my settings and continue to research the procedure.

From your reply it seems that my MOXF is set up correctly and that the issue lies with my DAW settings. Strange, however, that I have always been able to get audio (mic and line input) into Logic when using a separate audio interface. The only new element is that I am using the built-in interface of the MOXF.

Is there a Logic user out there who can help me configure the settings so that MOXF audio will be received by Logic and and sent back to the MOXF? I cannot find "ASIO" mentioned in any of the Logic documentation, but will continue to research.

Thank you again for trying to help me out.

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Bad Mister
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No worries... We can try to get the information you need and get it posted here on the site... You certainly are not the only Logic Pro user, and you should use whatever software you are comfortable with...

When you connect the MOXF to the computer via USB there are five ports available for MIDI as follows
Yamaha MOXF6/MOXF8-1 (port 1) - used for music data (note-ons, controllers, tempo)
Yamaha MOXF6/MOXF8-2 (port 2) - used for Remote Control Surface communication
Yamaha MOXF6/MOXF8-3 (port 3) - used to connect one external MIDI device to the MOXF's 5-pin MIDI jack
Yamaha MOXF6/MOXF8-4 (port 4) - reserved for the MOXF VST Editor (not compatible with Logic Pro, sorry, requires vst3)
Yamaha MOXF6/MOXF8-5 (port 5) - reserved for the REMOTE VSTi Template Editor

So Ports 1, 2 and 3 will be of use to you using Logic Pro X.

On the audio side, the MOXF can be set to send dual stereo outputs (4 CH), USB 1/2 and USB 3/4
In the MOXF, go to UTILITY > [F5] USB I/O > 4CH mode allows you to discreetly record via the 2 Stereo outputs.
Internal Parts default to USB 3/4, but you can reroute them on a per Part basis, when you wish to isolate a Part to its own audio track.

The A/D Input is fixed to USB 1/2. This flexible routing can be setup and used as you require when routing audio. Once you located the Audio setup you want to configure Logic so you can route signal through either sets of output buses.

By default, USB 1/2 is set for the A/D Input; while USB 3/4 is set for the internal synth Parts. This is very important information to know.

We do have a Logic user here at Yamaha Synth, I'll see if we can get approval to post a quick setup guide that points out the "where to go" checklist for Logic Pro 10 setup for MOXF. It is not difficult, but it does require each detail to be set properly (fortunately, once you get it setup, it only has to be done once!)

Standby, we'll see if we can get a basic setup guide happening.
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Thank you! This information is already a tremendous help. I am blown away by the speed and interest you are showing in helping me understand how to use my Yamaha product. Honestly, I figured my question to this forum may lay unanswered for a good while before anyone might make a comment. I am beyond impressed.

I will stay tuned!

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I gave up after many, many tries to set up Logic Pro X with the Montage. Even after watching the 6 part Cubase set up. I'd be really interested in swapping information with someone that is using Logic successfully. I'll stay tuned......
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Dean wrote:

I gave up after many, many tries to set up Logic Pro X with the Montage. Even after watching the 6 part Cubase set up. I'd be really interested in swapping information with someone that is using Logic successfully. I'll stay tuned......

I record Midi and Audio at the same time on logic Pro x dfrom Montage USB Port.
Record Audio... open up file new untitled track window opens click audio goto bottom were you see input output device i choose my computer audio device for both.
Now goto input output to choose your audio channels. 1+2 .

Record Midi Click on the plus to ad track hit external Midi uder output click Montage -1 that 1 is the port. click create hope this helps.
Add a Kronos Midi Track 3 thur the kronos sequencer........
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Sorry tried to save pics in last post but personal info was revealed.
Here is a link to pics
  1. http://vr6blue.zenfolio.com/p507324951
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